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Stahhr- Almost Neva Was



found a download link


Never heard of her, what’s her story? Looks like this was her debut in 2008?


Got a bit behind on this guys, sorry. Started a new job and have had some family shit going on so only managed to get back here to briefly argue about Drake. Planning on spending some time on the last couple of picks this weekend.

In the meantime, I saw this tweet which I thought was really cool given all the Memphis influence chat up-thread:


Vaguely know of her from guest appearances on a couple of DOOM records but haven’t heard any of her stuff.

You can stream it on bandcamp


Yes! Thought I recognised her name. staHHr the Femcee.


Weird that DOOM doesn’t get a production credit on Still Dope, but on Born Like This he does.

This is really dope. Really liked Scienz of Life and those guys.


she is/ was an atlantan hat-maker.

yeah, this is 2008. don’t know if it’s a debut album, whether she put out mixtapes before this. the line is blurred sometimes. self-released, think that’s how she’s always done it.


where are you looking that doesn’t give doom a production credit? he is credited on her bandcamp and discogs


Where on Bandcamp? Saw it on Discogs but not there.


the two ‘h’s’ in stahhr’s name stand for hip-hip. she enjoyed books as a child and hearing rappers soon after cemented her love of words.

‘almost neva was’ has a looser boom bap sound. was thinking about how people here said that cyne didn’t sound like they were from florida, more new York. that boom bap sound was so big that maybe you could find people making it anywhere?

thought this might be a nice pick with that ‘female mc’s’ thread going on.

‘g.r.i.t.s.’ stood out on my latest listen. flow, lyrics.

the cover looks like in the style of black panther minister for culture, emory douglas.


strange, swore I saw it on the album page. says near the bottom here, though…


just got around to listening to this, it’s pretty solid. can tell still dope is a DOOM beat. g.r.i.t.s. and stahhr potential the other standouts for me, everything else was nice enough but kinda unremarkable (on first listen at least, will give it another spin later)


got through this a few times. liking it quite a bit. sounds like the dwight spitz album a little bit? not sure what stands out to me the most, only tracks i skipped every time were grandmaztaz ones (find those type of namedrop rappers songs kinda corny nowadays). compulsive could be a dilla joint.


Defari - Focused Daily



when we started doing this last year, this is one of the albums that I immediately thought about revisiting. bionic has long been a playlist staple but I couldn’t tell you the last time I listened to the rest of it. turns out that while the album is absolutely by no means a classic (it’s a good 20 minutes too long for a start, imo), there’s a few other nice joints here

production is mainly divided between e-swift from tha liks and evidence, with a couple of contributions from the alchemist (including the excellent title track) as well.


Yes. It does have a similar feel to Dwight Spitz. Also reminded me a lot of the John Robinson stuff that came out around the same time.


Nice choice. Also couldn’t tell you the last time I gave it a spin. I never actually owned it, but worked with a guy who would play this and Dilated stuff on the office stereo all the time. Looking forward to this one.

Just read that Evidence’s wife passed away a few days ago. Sad news.


ah man that’s terrible. he released a pretty good album a couple of months ago that had some stuff about her illness, it sounded like it was bad but that she was getting better


Nice. Never listened to one of his albums but was thinking about him when he popped up on Evidence’s (pretty solid) album earlier this year. Bionic is great. Can’t really argue with that production line up either