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There are quite a few I like, but (solo artist-wise) nobody troubling my top 20 to be honest. Speaking of Masta Ace, I really liked Paula Perry. Never released an album but there was a leak/bootleg type thing that did the rounds called ‘Fort Knox’ that had some great tracks on it.


Yeah, I mean that’s true for me in most genres (not to derail this listening club too much). Like my top 50 artists on contains 4 women in total across all artists and most of those are in the minority within their respective bands.


There are plenty of female rappers I really like (Da Brat, Missy, Monie Love, Latifah, MC Lyte, Lady of Rage, YoYo, some newer ones like Princess Nokia and Kodie Shane, have to rate Nicki Minaj even though she feels closer to a pop artist), but whilst all of them left a big dent in hip-hop none of them made albums that would trouble my top 10. Maybe if some of that 90s breed had been given the same resources and backing a lot of the male rap stars gone it would have been a different story. For what it’s worth Method Man is one of my favourite MCs of all time and none of his solo work is anywhere near a top 10 for me either.


topical shoutout to both one of the first hip hop songs i really loved and one of the first songs i discovered via it being sampled in a rap song

monie’s best album is just a bit too bloated to be a full on classic but still great



I’m so conflicted about Nicki Minaj. She’s played the game her way, so fair play to her. But I feel like there’s a (shoot me now) serious rap album in her which could be astonishingly good. Her flow is an absolute treat. Remember first hearing that Monster verse and my jaw dropping. And her debut, while half of it turns me right off, has some astounding moments.


Monie Love was great. She played in London not so long ago. Wouldn’t qualify from the thread though as she’s from Battersea!


to her credit she can make a very credible claim to being the greatest female MC in the game whilst simultaneously dropping EDM songs or tracks like ‘Stupid Hoe’. Going to sidestep any deep analysis for a sec and credit it entirely to her flow and lyrical skill which when she really turns it on is unstoppable

Completely agree that she could make a really great hip-hop classic if she decided to


:sweat_smile: does this mean Slick Rick is excempt too?


Fuck me, that verse :heart_eyes:

Not a dig at you but we should refrain from throwing around ‘greatest female MC’ - I doubt anyone has ever made claims about someone being the ‘greatest male MC’. Things like that and ‘femcee’ are endemic of the challenges female rappers still face in the industry.


true, think it’s invaded my lexicon from the (fairly tedious) Remy Ma / Nicki ‘beef’. but point very much welcomed


Circling back to Jean, just gonna enjoy this for a bit. Particularly love the ‘haiku’ bit.

A burnt sky scorched the earth’s flesh
At the same time the murderous text arose
Like a phoenix with the glow of death
A poet two steps ahead like Noah just left
Mo’ and sex holding techs
No, I’m not what you’d expect
Golden pen, exposing men false
Like a fallen disciple, All in the bible
The cause is the calling haiku
The love of words language liquor phrased
Slang in Mecca raised skyscraper
Look a future brighter then your jewels of praise




Definitely this


Aye, that’s another problem. If the oldies want to make 90s boom bap, at least stick together and have the old guard produce rather than get some young dudes emailing them mediocre impersonations. Sad state of affairs. As it is, no one’s gonna throw money at making a Masta Ace record.


this was the cover of the guide a couple of weeks ago…


Interested in this, just subscribed.


I’ll allow it, same w Slick Rick.


I don’t really know the story of Monie Love but fascinated by how a girl from Battersea infiltrated the original Native Tongues posse; I’m guessing she was based in New York?


eventually she made her way there. not too sure how or when or much about her history tbf


listen to her first three mixtapes!