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Yeah, she moved there, but not sure when. I saw her at the Forum a few years back with and she still has a strong London lilt to her accent.

There must be some interviews with her about it - gonna have a hunt about.


@bird now you’re back, I think this thread is for you


thanks for the heads up dude


Me trying to choose this weeks album.


Count Bass D – Dwight Spitz

dwight spitz



OK. So, not seen this album discussed here before, but it was pretty popular at the time.

“The toughest musician in hip-hop history, has finally mastered, the art of the MPC.”

Like a lot of people, I never really checked much of Count Bass D’s stuff before 2002, but my interest was piqued when I saw that both MF DOOM and Edan featured on this album. He was signed to a label owned by Pete Nice from 3rd Bass and Bobbito in the 90s and made appearances on the Stretch and Bobbito show but he never seemed to get much traction. This was the first album that he made ‘conventionally’ - with an MPC 2000 & S-3000. Up until then I believe he used to mostly use live instrumentation.

Quite a few versions of this album came out, all with slightly different tracklists, including versions on High Times, Day by Day (MF Grimm’s label) and Metal Face Records (DOOM’s label). I’m not sure what the definitive version is, but I was so gassed about this album that I bought another copy when I saw a new version with a new track with DOOM (Make a Buck). Also note that Percy Carey (MF Grimm) gets a track dedicated to him, as does DOOM’s brother, Sub Roc.

Count Bass D isn’t an amazing rapper, but he definitely holds his own. His production on this album has such a nice feel to it - it’s like a cross between a producers beat tape, a mixtape and an album. It has a bit of a cut ’n paste feel and is a little sloppy in places, but it all adds to the charm. Have seen bloggers speculate on it’s influence on DOOM, in particular his and Madlib’s approach to the Madvillain album. Definitely possible.


One of those albums that was on my list at the time (back when you had to find and buy albums, natch) for the DOOM connection but I never picked up. Had completely forgotten about it, but looking forward to checking it out :+1:


Ah, great. Was really hoping the first reply wasn’t “HEARD IT LOADS M8”


afraid I’m gonna be ‘that guy’ man

anyway, got loads of other stuff to catch up from above, so I’ll leave it at that


So this is like a very good version of a thing I’m ordinarily quite lukewarm on. I enjoyed it quite a bit though, there’s a very specific mindset I need to be in to want to listen to one of these types of deals, that listening-to-the-construction-of-the-beat-as-part-of-the-beat-itself sort of thing can catch me really well and it feels like this is a record that will definitely be something I return to when I want that specific fix.

I’ve never really fucked with DOOM so, whilst I love Madvillainy, I always wonder what it would sound like with a rapper I’m more into, this sounds a bit like that as I’m more into his cadences than I am with DOOM.


got a lot of catching up to do too!


No worries. Are you a fan of the album? I dipped into some of his other stuff pre- and post- this but nothing really grabbed me as much. Begborrowsteel was pretty good.


not heard this before, enjoyed it a lot, although probably more for the production than the rapping. can deffo see how it might’ve influenced madvillainy (and in turn, how it might’ve been influenced by op doomsday). sanctuary, make a buck and take control are my early favourites, couldn’t pick out anything that I didn’t particularly enjoy, will definitely listen to this album again


yeah man. nice production/beats. right up my street this shit


love the drum programming on ‘subwoofer’. funny he mentions monie love’s cockney accent on that after the chat on here the other day.
enjoyed the album, nice one.


Yeah, I always thought of that being quite a DOOM thing (those drums) but I can’t really recall who did it first.


Well I for one am really loving this. This kind of cohesive headfuck with really melodic moments is pretty much my favourite sweet spot in rap. Could be a future favourite for me I reckon and never heard of it prior


Theres a dizzying amount of work on his bandcamp including a project called ‘Grandmaz Nutz’


This is a great album that time has def forgotten about. Sweet pick. I had a Count Bass D phase where I got really into him and checked everything he did (up through around 2007) and even checked back in with his couple DJ Pocket colabo albums around 2010. Just looking through looks like he’s been busy since! Looks like a bunch of beat tapes with sporadic rapping like usual. Not too different to what Madlib/Doom have done.

This album’s a ton of fun and easily the best thing he’s done (from what I’ve heard). Lots of interesting samples and beat programming. Hard to pick favorites but this morning the track Dwight Spitz sounded good in the car, those tuba stabs remind me of Kick in the Door. Just to Make a Buck is great fun, that’s the on that stuck on my mixes over the years. Subwoofer is great, Ohio Playas is cool but sounds like J Rawls produced that one.


Yeah, it does. Never noticed that before.

I love the bit on Aural S(ECT)s where the Kid Capri ‘on and on and on…’ sample comes in.