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good call. woulda been a blast to be in the room when he made some of these beats.


Really lagging behind on the ol’ listening thread, sorry guys.

Given the Jean Grae album a few spins now and am pretty into it. She’s a brilliant technical emcee. She is also by miles the best thing about it unfortunately, cos the beats are a bit uninspiring. Seemed that loads of east coast indie rap records around this time had the same problem, in that they seemed to be stuck in a mid 90s time warp, but the beats just come off as (very) pale imitations of Pete Rock or Premier. It’s a bit of a shame cos she deserved better. Listened to Jeanius off the back of this too and that hangs together better, but would have to say that 9th Wonder’s never been my favourite producer, and Jean Grae isn’t quite as good on this either.

Overall, really solid record, but if anybody could point me at a mixtape of 2004 era Jean Grae over some vintage east coast productions, I’d be all about it.

On the Count Bass D, know this one pretty well. It’s brilliant - reckon it’s one of the best rap albums of the 00s. Can’t remember how I heard of this originally. Was huge into MF Doom / MF Grimm / Monsta Island Czars at the same time and I think the Grimm connection was probably it. Think the way the beats are put together was definitely an influence on Doom’s production on Mmm… Food too. This is much less claustrophobic sounding though - some of the production almost sounds like it could come from a Native Tongues album. Count Bass is also great throughout the whole thing. Love his raps about his wife and kids in particular.

Another awesome choice for a listening thread, cos for some reason this went way under the radar at the time (the 10th anniversary reissue didn’t make that much noise either). Actually think if it was released two years later, when Doom was absolutely everywhere, this would’ve done damage. As it is, seems to be one of those ‘strictly for the headz’ albums, when its appeal is way way wider. Lost classic fo’ sure


Yeah, I picked it up on the strength of the DOOM and Edan guest spots pretty much. Like you I was picking up anything by those guys at the time - solo CDs, CDrs, toys, lunchboxes… Some of the Monsta Island Czars solo stuff was on my shortlist for this thread actually, but decided against it. Maybe another week.

Was just Googling to check when they made Potholderz and came across this. Quite interesting.


“What? These olds things?
About to throw 'em away
With the gold rings that make 'em don’t fit like OJ”


That’s amazing - love stuff like this - cheers! Looks like there was influence going both ways.

Which MIC album were you thinking about, btw, or is it a secret??


Megalon - Penny For Your Thoughts. But I gave it a another listen and decided it was too weird a choice. Was actually quite stunned to see it on Spotify.


It’s a belter that one. Love the way he’s absolutely all over the place on it. The MIC solo records are quite all deep - difficult to recommend one for newcomers (MF Grimm probably). Once you get in the mindset, though, they’re all great.


Yeah, he’s great. I liked Rodan too - both had that nice mix of street and slightly weird. Wonder what they’re up to now?
Megalon was in prison for a bit - I seem to remember the Penny For Your Thoughts CD having an address to write to him in jail… Or maybe I imagined that


Yeah - haven’t heard much from any of them for years. Will have to check that Megalon CD (it’s in storage at the moment), but I’m fairly sure you didn’t imagine that - I think a lot of that crew were pretty heavy. Grimm is the obvious one, but I’m sure some of the others have previous too. May explain why there hasn’t been much recent activity, I guess


great read, thanks for sharing.


Not really got much to add to the above, but this is an album I should have checked a long time ago, and it’s really great. Will be in rotation for some time so thanks.


Wednesday tomorrow!



really loving this thread so far. not much to say about Witchdoctor or Jean Grae, need to give each a couple more spins. Loving Count Bass D a lot


Did you not like those first two recs or just nothing to add?


enjoyed them both on first impressions, Witchdoctor in particular. been solely listening to music in my car of late due to insane work schedule which was great for bumping Count Bass D at very loud volumes but I feel both of those other albums I’d like to put a little extra time aside for (by extra time I mean sitting in my comfy chair with some high quality herbal essences and some noise cancelling headphones)


herbal essences you say?


Lushlife - Cassette City


Gone for a bit of a “does it still hold up?” choice for my pick. Loved this record at the time it came out then kind of just stopped listening to it, never checked out anything else from the dude and that was that. I kind of have no idea whatsoever if this will be new to people but I suspect not, it’ll be nice to revisit though either way.

Lushlife is Raj Halder and he raps and produces his own stuff (all bar two tracks on this record are his own beats) and the album features a Camp Lo appearance. Enjoy!


Really enjoying this on first pass. Production is a treat.


Yeah, listened a few times today and it still hits a sweet spot for me which is nice. His rapping is very one-trick pony but I like that one trick, not much variety in cadence or flow or whatever.

Beats are all a bit surface-level as well but again, they do the job for me. I can tell why I never kept up with it as there’s not an enormous amount of depth but it’s a fun record.