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listened to this a couple of times now, it’s good. will have to listen to some more as it doesn’t have the one song I’d previously heard by them on. like the production a lot, v bouncey. think livin the life & i got my nine are probs my favourites although there’s a lot of good songs here, particularly in the first half of the album. m.n.o.h.p. is bleak as fuck


Was actually considering doing one of the first two RBL records myself. Obviously among the more slept on releases of the early 90s. Haven’t had a chance to revisit yet as been away, but will download when I get home and try and bring something of a fresh take when I have


Still bumping this and really enjoying it. Started writing a post that’s turning into an essay. So i’ll have to come back to it.

In the meantime, I made a map that i’ll update as we pick albums. Might be interesting to see the spread of choices…


Yeah I’m fully on board with this RBL Posse. Feel like this would have been one of my favourite tapes as a teenager if i’d gotten round to it. Blows my mind that I’m still uncovering classic albums from the 90s that I never spun back in the day

For me it’s really just the vibe and the production, the consistency of the production is comparable to something like Dare Iz a Darkside where some of the beat drops and switchups just make you feel like they’re showing off. Bangers on bangers on bangers. Don’t want to sound like an old ass man but they don’t (well, occasionally they do) make albums like this anymore, the consistency of the production is great. Got that classic G-funk pomp of course and reminds me of some of my favourites like Dogg Pound / Compton’s Most Wanted but you can also hear flashes of Bone Thugs and even a few bits that got me thinking about Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik in terms of delivery and feel. Also that beat switch in Still Ain’t Learned… geez… They tease this whole other slick grandiose almost Camp Lo side to their style and then cut the album off.

I might be sleeping on them a bit but for me the lyrics are less of a standout with these guys, which I’m 100% cool with. The vibe and the atmosphere and the delivery and the excitement of them all bobbing and weaving and trading verses is enough. But it’s not the kind of album that I feel is gonna have me on rap genius trying to follow along any time soon

I also love how cross-referencing the albums of this era are… got the Snoop samples at the beginning of course. I had to do my google memory jogs to remember if Listen to My Creep would be a Tribe lift or the other way round. Really didn’t expect a Rump Shaker reference in I Got My Nine.

Top 3 currently would be Livin That Life, Blue Bird and Funkdafied, but really just into the whole thing tbh



So third week running I’ve had to apologise! Didn’t see my message saying I was up so thanks to the boss for stepping in.

So upfront, I absolutely love this record. Would have to admit that my experience of Bay Area hip hop at the time this dropped probably extended to Too Short and E-40 / The Click, with the Luniz a bit later. Thinking about it, I knew Souls Of Mischief and The B.U.M.S. too, but production-wise those groups could have come from NY, so would have fitted more into my east coast centric listening in 1994.

Have made a concerted effort to get more into Bay Area stuff in the last few years and wish I’d made more effort about 20 years ago tbh, because so much of it is amazing. Would be awesome if this turned into a bit of a discussion of Bay Area rap generally cos would love to hear from people who’ve been into it for years.

Anyway, of all the albums I listened to, this is my favourite (Celly Cel, Spice 1 and Mac Mal running it close though). The beats are incredible - very obvious G-funk influence, but with harder drums, which addresses pretty much the only issue I’ve ever had with west coast production. Black C and Mr. Cee are both top drawer MCs too - charismatic af, and bounce off each other brilliantly through the whole thing. Only criticism is that it’s slightly front-loaded, but it’s not like the back half sags or anything.

Don’t want to say too much more cos would prefer to have a discussion and know other people’s views on it rather than just bang on - hope y’all felt that it lives up to the standards set so far…


Yeah the referencing is one of the things I love too - makes you think it was made by a bunch of total heads. Black Sheep get checked in Bluebird too


Yeah, I didn’t listen to tons of Bay Area stuff either, aside from Hieroglyphics (nice Casual sample on The Sound). At the time though, not too much of this stuff was readily available over here and I don’t remember it getting much radio play. I remember HMV on Oxford Street being the place to go, and having to buy imports on cassette. Too Short and E-40 seemed to be the guys getting pushed most and to be honest I didn’t like them and still don’t, and I think that stopped me digging too much deeper.

The thing I like(d) about RBL Posse is that they had a harder, darker sound compared to those guys. A nice dose of nihilism that I always enjoy in rap albums. I remember looking at the inlay and it had this really terrible Photoshopped horror scene that kind of reminded me of Three 6 Mafia - really OTT but all done quite earnestly - and I just thought ‘I need to hear this’.

Agree that it’s a little frontloaded, but it has a nice consistent sound all the way through which means I’ll always listen to the whole thing rather than skipping tracks. Having said that, I do rewind M.N.O.H.P. every time.

Also found that listening to this on my Sonos or on some decent head/earphones transforms it. Compared to listening to it on cassette on my old stereo - it’s like a different album.


Yeah. When you consider that this was released in 1994 you remember there were rappers out who were streets ahead, but these guys make tracks like M.N.O.H.P. believable, which is maybe more important.


Bit late to it this week, sorry guys!

Quite like this, that early-90s west coast Dre style keys-and-spiralling-synth-with-snappy-snares production (that there’s probably a proper term for that I don’t know) is something I need to really be in the mood for generally but I liked lots about this.

That opening three-track run is fucking great, got a bit fatigued by it around the mid point though, can see this being something I cherry pick my favourite tracks from for any region/sound specific playlists I seem to be perpetually working on. All of those first three tracks will make the cut :+1:


Wednesday tomorrow!



Yeah this is more or less just solid street rap. they have great presence tho.

Blue Bird was the bay are hit from this (not a real hit but an underground hit). I love that song so much. Kinda sounds like and always reminded me of Masta Ace ‘Born to Roll’.


I may do some bay raps for my next rec. I’d rank this release in my top 50 bay raps. I’d have their debut in the top ten.




Should note that the rest of their albums are trash (few good songs on Eye for an Eye). maybe cos 2/3 of the group were murdered :neutral_face:



also if we’re talking Bay Area legends



might make it my life’s mission to convert @CHAIRMAN_LMAO to e40.


I’m probably too far gone now. It definitely won’t happen with Too Short though. Not trying to sound retrospectively woke or anything, but even in the mid 90s, tracks like Blow Job Betty and Cocktails were just toe-curling.


Went through 6 months of being completely obsessed with lil b a few years back. Not really listened to him since though.


Good Bay Area segment here…