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@anon76851889 very kindly set up a ‘Realm’ server for us folk to play on and create our very own DiS Village! Very exciting. Initially started up as primarily a Nintendo Switch thing it’s quickly garnered traction and deserves it’s own thread as the discussion is taking over that poor thread, and unlike the Dark Souls wankers I can identify that and address it ASAP.

Anywho, it’s also not appropriate for this to be in the Switch thread because of cross-play. Anyone who owns the game on PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch and wants to join may do so by following this link:

Sadly due to Sony not allowing crossplay, we are unable to accept invites from PS4 users. Which is a shame because of the current upward trend of cross-play titles it’d sure make communal DiS Multiplayer a hell of a lot easier if it didn’t matter which system you owned but hey-ho.

ANYWAYS this is the place for all discussion/projects/storytelling/ photos and what not. I believe there is currently a cap of 10 users logged in at any one time, but I doubt we’ll break that.

Have fun :slight_smile:


This afternoon/evening

I and Bamnan will start working on a perimeter wall for our town. Feel free to join in, here is the current Itinerary:

Mine Cobblestone
Make into stone
Set ‘check points’ so we know where to build each stretch up to
Build outterwall
Work on inner wall

Sound good?

Also need to craft lots of torches but the coal will be found with stone I’d imagine.

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Btw @cowtipping as a PC user you’re the official photographer, I suggest you start working on some brochure snaps.

wish I had the new one on PC not the Java build :frowning:

If you own the Java version you can download the windows 10 version for free

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Oh, nice. This sounds fun. I haven’t played Minecraft since I had it on the Xbox 360 way back when. This might be a good excuse to finally pick it up for the PC. I used to love mindlessly mining an evening away.

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temporarily stormed off in a huff due to some horse + boat drama. back later to snap pics

i just point my DSLR at the screen, right?


this wall is gonna be a biiiig job

is that true?!?!

I went a bit overkill in my design. Sorry everyone!!!

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awesome thanks man :slight_smile:

nah it’s a good design just it’s a big town :slight_smile:

Seriously, I think I need this in my life.

Can you please prepare written statements I can present to my wife to mitigate backlash ill recieve?

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it’s the perfect game to share with Sheeldz Jr when he/she is old enough to be introduced to games. Super creative, non violent and cheaper than Lego.

2 - 3 hours my ass lol!

It also doesn’t play nice with changes in terrain height so the schematics need to change to accommodate so don’t you dare yell at me when you notice the slight changes in window design :stuck_out_tongue:

Wall about 25% done? I reckon? Maybe 33%? Quite the effort guys :slight_smile: Keep it up

Build the wall! Build the wall!

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We’re doing Trump proud

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