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See what I can do

Was playing some own world stuff. Managed to spawn near some terrifying tall red eyed teleporter. It destroyed me straight away so I googled it and it’s an Enderman. Wtf.

Otherwise any advice for low budget ways to keep safe. I’ve got a lovely beachfront property, but there’s lots of deep natural mines around me and I’m trying to work out how best to stay safe - wall (lot of effort + can I wall over water?) Or do I dig some kind of moat style river barrier? Does that actually stop baddies. And do I need to create safe entrances to the natural mines with doors to stop baddies coming up and destroying me?

Do NOT look at the enderman. They’re harmless if you don’t do so.

No 1 tip is to light up your immediate surroundings; mobs only spawn within a certain range of you, and only under certain light levels. If you’re sufficiently well lit up, walls/fences are not necessary.

The safest wall from memory is to dig a 2 block deep trench with a one block high wall behind it; a wall alone doesn’t stop spiders, but ideally you won’t need one for anything but decoration.

I’ve very much enjoyed reading this thread, and it sort of makes me want to play. But I suspect it would be one of the things that I do for a little bit then move on, so maybe I’ll just continue to enjoy it vicariously.

a friend of mine who does comics just posted this to facebook as a quick doodle. pls enjoy

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Someone has spawned an Ender Dragon in the middle of town. She’s destroyed half of my house and farm, Spawn, @Cowtipping’s gaff, Chateau @Bamnan and the wizard tower.

On the plus side @balonz is safe so far, as is the big yellow duck

I can’t find any arrows to try and save the day, and all of the backups on realms are post spawn; if I can’t kill her I may need to create a new world.

ah well, good things can’t last forever


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this is upsetting :frowning:


Yeah I went on briefly last night and there was a huge dragon scooting about the place and a massive cavern in the middle of town. I would have mentioned it in here but I suspected you guys already knew. I didn’t know there were dragons in the game and the, apparent, havoc they can wreak. Can’t we like get a lead on him and stick him in a big warehouse.

So, you spend hours and hours and hours building stuff as a cooperative, and the game can just destroy it all?

Doesn’t sound fun. :frowning:

just people from the internet trolling I should imagine.

When you think about it it’s kind of like life and a good and satisfying parable to think on

How do people get into the realm? Can’t you lock it off?

not entirely sure this is a question for @anon76851889 I think.

God knows how it was spawned… Didn’t think it was possible in the overworld without cheats on, and I have those disabled.

As for the strangers… They got in because we were silly enough to share the Realm’s URL publicly. It’s had a new private one for a while now and I’ve got rid of all non DiSsers this afternoon, along with a new world for people to play in.

Send the linnnnk sir. I kind of like the idea of a new world. The last one got away from me because the rate everyone was expanding overwhelmed me and my noobness!

Anyone from DiS who’s been into the old world should be able to access the new world already.

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Wait a second… MY WALL!!!


i didn’t even get to say goodbye to Chungus, the diamond horse!

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