The Official Evening Thread For Thursday

Right then since no one else could be bothered…

I’ve been out to have some travel vaccines and now I’m about to go out for a dentist appointment. Had a burger for tea.

What about you?

Cleaning the bathroom :grimacing:

Ooh could you come and do mine too? I’ve got friends coming over tomorrow night and my flat is a tip.

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Nae bother, just let me grab my marigolds

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Ta doll

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Laughing at Lionel Richie on the one show.

I’m having a 12% porter :grimacing: I need foooood.

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The TVs labor is kicking up a notch again now. Reckon it’ll be tonight. Just cooked a lasagne. Two miracles in a short space of time.


Still at work for an hour or so… if nothing unexpected happens!

EXCITING! Great news about the baby too! Good luck!


Just demolished the tofu katsu.

Poured a beer, watching Love.

Catching up om The Handmaid’s Tale, was a few episodes behind. Also just posted an ADORABLE picture of me and my younger nephew on insta, just F everyone’s I.

My sister is coming over for the weekend! She’s been living in Lisbon since before Christmas sometime so it’ll be cool to see her. (It’s actually warmer here than in Lisbon too, lol)

Seen and liked :+1:


In the airport stuffing my face with sushi

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Drinking wine, watching that family cooking show. Very gentle viewing isn’t it??

Had some.misery pasta pesto for tea, but went to the German deli whilst in London so got some fancy euro style currywurst flavour crisps for later.

Good luck m9! Also, Bitter Virtue are smashing it atm. Popped in earlier and for some reason was thinking about you and the baby. All the best x

Had my Beefeater vegan burger for dinner and a Sainsbo’s salted caramel cookie for dessert.

Might go for a walk now. Really disappointed by the lack of apocalyptic rainfall.

I need to decide on the final few cards for my decks but I’m going to have to think about Netrunner for about 12 straight hours tomorrow and I’d rather give myself a break, tbqfh.

at this time of night?? what an age we live in

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I know right? Hopefully the dentist will still have some concentration.

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Did you use the code?