The Official Evening Thread For Thursday

Ratings pls.


actually fajitas but there’s no emoji for that


Today: did painting, went to library, had Chinese for tea.

This evening: ???

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Also, good luck to @hankscorpio and mrs scorpio, hope mini scorpio arrives safely and soon :slight_smile:


Fucking hell guys, so I need a root canal and crown but because I have a ‘curved root’ I’ll need to see a specialist and won’t be able to have that done before I go away on the nhs so I’ll need to go private which will cost me £600. I’ve been ignoring this for quite a while too. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

can you just… ignore it a bit longer?


Overall a 7/10 burger. The patty and vegan pulled “pork” were excellent, but it was let down by the bun and the slightly stingy red onion. The chips were 5/10 as they’d barely been cooked once far less “triple cooked” as the menu laughingly claimed.

The pint of Doom Bar was Doom Bar/10. The Deuchars of English pale ales: perfectly fine but completely unremarkable.

The cookie was 9/10.


I did not.

Mine was 8.5/10 but I rated it 5 stars so other people buy it and keep them going so I can buy it again.


It says 7.47pm so your phone is cursed (or you took it by mistake when unlocking your phone)

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The reason I was there tonight was it got so excruciating that I couldn’t ignore it.

I’ve got a Beefeater code you been use if it’ll help with the money situation.


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Jokes not helping right now tbh

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Considered that last week

Sorry pal, sounds rubbish. I guess on the plus side it’ll be sorted and you’ll finally get some relief from it.

She’s got to get to the root of the issue first

Thank you. Sometimes I despair at my ability to be an adult.

Aw thanks man, I cannot WAIT for my first Bitter Virtue visit as a dad haha.