🇮🇪 The Official Irish Music Thread. 🇮🇪

Someone mentioned the Community of Independents doc A Joyful Slog from 10 years ago during the Q&A as well which I had completely forgotten about. Remember enjoying it so might give it a rewatch.


Weekend of my birthday but I’ve already got tickets to the Panda Bear & Sonic Boom show up here that night

Really looking forward to the new Cian Nugent album

He had a Live at Cafe Oto solo acoustic album up on Bandcamp during lockdown that’s since been deleted (thankfully still in my collection) that had I think 5 new songs on it, but I only recognise two of them on the new album tracklisting including this one (hoping a couple might have just changed title because they’re mostly really good).

For fans of Steve Gunn, Ryley Walker etc.

Same :smiley:
Havent got any tix for that weekend (aye the banana block stuff looks good) cos dont know if we’re for going away or what yet.

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Saw this yesterday in Sligo, good stuff but I defs enjoyed the bits with Podge in it way more.

Defs need to get to LK for this year’s Féile


Yeah everyone who’s seen it has been saying Podge should get his own spinoff film

Grim, although it seems like whoever’s running the social media seems to have done a clean-up job since it was tweeted

I took screenshots when I saw Vicky’s Tweet. Fuckers, never getting my business again.

This Post Paid For By PROF$.

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I just had a peek at their followers list*, Gript in there as well as other racist sites. As she said, going on quite a long time too. Really surprised by it all, haven’t followed them on socials since I sacked off my old account.

( * following list)

Oh fuuuuck. Very surprising.

Never really in the shop and their electronic releases aren’t usually for me but always liked their Allchival releases. Shit.

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Following Linehan, Rowling, LGB Alliance, Julie Bindel, Maya Forstater, Suzanne Moore, Free Speech Union, Laurence Fox, David Icke. Fucking hell.

Weirdly following a couple of accounts with trans flags in there too but they’re music related or people they presumably know.

Always especially baffled by people doing this on their business account or band account and implicating everyone else they’re involved with

last line is a bit bizarre?




Was looking forward to seeing Danny Carroll w/ The Bonk tonight but had to give it a miss due to the fuck tonne of snow out there. It’s March ffs!



Very glad this gang are active again


Went to see them recently, only knew their track from the last Litany of Failures comp which I remembered being really good.

Got a bit worried when one of them was wearing a Korn t-shirt, but turned out to be a lot of fun thankfully

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