🇮🇪 The Official Irish Music Thread. 🇮🇪

For the day that’s in it, good thread of contemporary traditional releases…I know very few of these names/releases, apart from The Housekeepers which I vouch for 110%

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Lankum album’s good innit


Enemies are back!

On a similar note, I was at the Fight Like Apes reunion gig in the Olympia on Friday, and it was unbelievable craic :heart:


would love a show up north but the one time I saw them in Belfast I was one of about 4 people who turned up, so i don’t imagine they’ll bother

(was during the Easter holidays which won’t have helped)

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23 sales off beating Lana to number one :smiling_face_with_tear:


think I underplayed this

Didn’t know Boa Morte were still going