The Official Nardwuar Thread (Rolling)

oh yes :smiley:


i really like the mars volta one he does, cedric and omar are really endearing in it. plus a great (International) Noise Conspiracy jab

the Blur one is such a wreck, its hard to watch

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i really enjoy him annoying the shit out of henry rollins

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He seems to really irritate Fat Mike too

travis barker is the worst here too

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Is he a comeian or just a bit eccentric? Never heard of him before but he seems to be doing some kind of Daffy Duck thing with his voice.

he puts on a goofball persona but he’s been in punk bands since the 70s and basically knows everything about punk history. part of the fun of his interviews is that he does crazy research and asks people about things they did that even they’ve forgotten about. and he’s canadian so always tries to make tenuous links to canadian punk music. it’s niche but fun.


The Steve albino one is interesting!

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Love the series of interviews he did with Snoop Dogg.

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yeah Nardwuar is the dude. it’s clearly a mixture of performance and him genuinely being a bit eccentric. but his schtick of doing deep research to really surprise and impress his guests, as well as all of the running jokes (the outro, simply saying ‘you’re x, we have to know!’ when people ask him where he gets his info, saying ba-boom when anyone says anything spicy) make him a great watch. pretty much in his own lane in terms of music interviews.

he’s a great barometer of which artists do and don’t take themselves too seriously too


Theres one where nardwuar has a vhs that snoop has been looking for for years and hes really taken aback


The AFI one is quite cool cause its quite insane how much Davey Havok knows about music too

Has anyone seen the Trail of Dead one?

It’s great when people appreciate his random gifts.

Nas getting upset cause he cant keep them all is great too

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this one is particularly good because in the earlier ones snoop is kinda mean to nardwuar and steals his blowfly doll at one point. then years later snoop is humbled and grateful for one of nardwuar’s gifts and insists on paying him a dollar for it


Yeah i think the dollar is the vhs one Ive seen. Pharrell aeems blown away by it too


What are some good ones where the interviewee takes against it?

That rollins one above is one of the best. I’ll try and remember some others.

rollins, fat mike, transplants, kid cudi (actually walks off), slipknot, blur (the blur one isn’t ‘good’, they come across as total dickheads’)

the Nirvana are Wu-Tang ones are interesting because they seem kind of ambivalent

transplants are second most douchey after blur i think

I think I posted Transplants up thread haha

I dont think Cudi is that bad tbh. He says he has another engagement but hes quite polite about it. The Slipknot ones pretty bad, they try so hard