The OFFICIAL Summer Wrestling Thread 2019 (featuring, G1 Tournament, AEW ALL OUT and Summerslam!)

Hello and Welcome to summer!

We’ve got some big events to get through over the next summer, climaxing on August 31st which will see all of the “big three” companies putting on shows with NXT UK: Cardiff, NJPW Royal Quest and AEW ALL OUT all happening.

Before that, however, we have two AEW shows (Fyter Fest, 29th June), (Fight for the Fallen, 13th July), two WWE and 1 NXT show (Extreme Rules, 14th July) and Summerslam weekend with NXT: Toronto on the 10th and 11th of August respectively. Oh yes, and there’s NJPW’s G1 Climax tournament between 6th July to August 12th.

So there’s rather a lot for us to be sinking our collective teeth into over the next couple months, with the added speculation of is CM Punk turning up at ALL OUT? Who’s winning G1 this year? Will Ospreay and Rollins twitter feud turn into a cross-promotional match? What’s Bray and Aleister Black upto? Will WWE force Becky and Seth to fuck in the ring? All this and more in the sticky months to come.

Have fun graps fans!

G1: I’ve had Ibushi as my G1 pick since 4 January.

What’s that word for when we get assigned one person each and the winner wins a prize? We do it for the Royal Rumble. We should do it for G1


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That’s the one!

kota :heart:

love the story about him meeting vince and having no clue who he was

Stories about him constantly getting lost in America and Kenny having to go find him are legendary

Really interested to see how WWE handle the LGBT storyline apparently developing.

Presume as badly as every other storyline.

good idea! Who’s IN for that?

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Ah yes, Sonya and Mandy had a wee moment last night. Seemed ok, for now.

I think WWE are in a bad position with anything like that from the start. If it turns out that one of them is using them, or cheats on them, or turns on them (like has happened with every single relationship angle in wrestling) it will get them a lot of bad press from publications that don’t really cover wrestling. If it doesn’t then, well I’m not sure what the angle would actually be.

It’ll definitely be handled better than it would’ve been 10-15 years ago though, which is good.

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Mustache MountaIN :raising_hand_man:t2:

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Ah, the gravy boat…

As much as it was vile overall, Bischoff was incredible at the wedding


It’s all very well giving Fire and Desire a gay romance (which I am 100% on board with) but it still doesn’t change the fact the IIconics have clearly been a couple for years

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Super hype for the G1, definitely down for the sweepstake.

There’s going to be some newbie watchers this year, right? Was thinking of posting little primers before each show to explain the various histories of each match :thinking:

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Can we not do a pick em instead?

I’ve not got time to do the spreadsheet but someone might have

Definitely do that

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ah yes that might work better actually

Steal this one?

Cool, will do :smiley: