The OFFICIAL Summer Wrestling Thread 2019 (featuring, G1 Tournament, AEW ALL OUT and Summerslam!)

Haven’t got the quote to hand but Tony Kahn did make some pretty solid assurances about international tv, even going so far as to say it’d be better than the deal WWE currently has.

‘Not live’ is one thing but ‘4 days later at 8am on a Sunday morning’ for the full, unedited show is a total head scratcher.

Sunday 8am sounds like a much better time slot than Wednesday 1am tbf. Especially if they want to do what TNA did and sucker in people who are lapsed wrestling fans

Both of those are terrible slots

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But does it sound like a better time slot than, say, 8pm on a Thursday evening on ITV4? This is my point. A 4 day delay in 2019 is a complete piss-take.

Doesn’t look like ITV are broadcasting the inaugural Wednesday Night Dynamite either, at least not live :frowning:

Oh right that’s what we’re already talking about whoops :joy:

Not to mention the fact that, when the full show does finally make air here, it’ll have to be edited to remove any TV-14 content for the Sunday morning audience.

Quite happy to pay the $5 Fite TV subscription myself, although I hope this includes replays as I’ll rarely be able to watch live.

Hmm yeah it’s very much depends
I’m happy to see spoilers in the week before, in fact it’ll be good to know if I can miss an episode. Won’t even mind having to catch controversial bits online because I doubt they’ll be very long/I watch most 'rassling through online clips now.

The main kicker will certainly be how much ITV edits and plays with the matches themselves for ad breaks etc. If I’ve heard Pac and Page have a 25 minute rager and wait four days to see something cut up into a 10 minute mess that’ll be really crap.

Dont get me wrong its disappointing but i do feel a lot of the backlash has been caused by people expecting something not promised to them. They were never gonnna put it into a prime time slot.

Except it literally was promised to them. I’ve just watched an interview with Cody (it’s all over Twitter today, natch)where he says their UK deal will crap over the WWE’s, which you can only take to mean “better than showing it Live then following up with a 10pm repeat the very next day”.

Monday sound reasonable for a new thread lads?

All the season premiers


John Morrison has resigned with WWE

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Sounds like CM Punk is WWE bound

As an on air personality not an active wrestler

Oooooooooft that’d be a.) excellent, excellent television and b.) a piece of great business for both guys.

Guess it stands for Counting Money

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I read WWE didn’t want that though

Who’s this dickhead trying to ruin CMLL? Reanimate Paco Alonso please

Autumn thread. OPEN:

(shut this one down please @colinzealuk)