The OFFICIAL Summer Wrestling Thread 2019 (featuring, G1 Tournament, AEW ALL OUT and Summerslam!)

Excuse me, Kane stepped over the top rope to catch the coats

Im on about the Rumble on Raw to draw no 30

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This character work is fucking dreadful


Sonny Kiss has the weakest kicks I’ve ever seen jfc


Ishii vs Cobb was wonderful, easily the best thing of the night

Shawn Spiers is such a fantastic shit head heel


Wrestling needs more explosions

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Today I watched G1 Night 2/G1 Night 3/Fight For The Fallen back to back and it was beautiful. Standout matches for me were:

  • Ishii/Cobb
  • Goto/White
  • SANADA/Ospreay
  • Okada/ZSJ
  • Omega/CIMA
  • Triple threat tag match

And there’s another day of G1 action tomorrow, oh my!

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I’m only just starting the G1 day one prelim matches…

G1 Climax 29 Night 4 – Monday 15th July 10:00am BST

Toru Yano vs. Shingo Takagi

Fresh from his match with Tetsuya Naito on Night 2 Yano moves on to his LIJ stablemate as Shingo takes on an entirely new kind of challenge. Yano shocked the world by pulling off the upset against Naito and it will take a deep dive into his playlist to repeat that here as Shingo looks to get out of the starting blocks. This is a first time ever matchup but it’s safe to assume that Shingo will have no time for Yano’s bullshit. Verdict: SLEEPER HIT

Juice Robinson vs. Hirooki Goto

For a long time it seemed like Juice was never going to beat Goto. As he emerged from the undercard as one of NJPW’s rising stars he twice took on Goto for the NEVER Openweight title but both times he fell short and it looked like the Flamboyant One had no answer for Goto’s power. All that changed during last year’s G1. Juice had had a poor tournament due to carrying a broken hand injury but on the last night of block action he put Goto away and while Goto retains the 2-1 head to head Juice now knows he has what it takes to win. With both men getting off to winning starts this match will be a big factor in setting up the early complexion of B block. Verdict: SLEEPER HIT

Jeff Cobb vs. Jon Moxley

In a match full of symbolism it’s AEW vs. ROH and it’s not going to be as easy as that might sound. Not only has Moxley never faced Jeff Cobb before, he’s never faced anyone like Jeff Cobb before. The Purveyor of Violence is going to have his work cut out for him if he’s going to cut our favourite big sexxy boi down to size. With the prospect of an IWGP United States title shot on the line if he wins Cobb’s going to have extra encouragement to bring his A game and after tasting a loss against Ishii on Night 1 it’s hard to imagine the big man being ok with starting his G1 by dropping two straight. This one should be absolutely wild. Verdict: MUST SEE

Tomohiro Ishii vs. Jay White

Jay White continues his run against his former Chaos brothers as his recent betrayal of the faction comes home to roost. And after dropping a loss to Goto it may be that he is getting the karmic justice he well deserves. There’s certainly no bigger test than Ishii who will have extra incentive to bring his A-game to the Switchblade. This is another big name first-time matchup and while White is well known for out-strategising his opponents Ishii is the kind of man you can’t make a gameplan for. Verdict: MUST SEE

Tetsuya Naito vs. Taichi

While the head-to-head results between these to may read 3-2 to Taichi that doesn’t tell the full story. Taichi’s three wins came when Naito was still a rookie but in recent years the LIJ has had Taichi’s number. It was Naito that Taichi targeted when he first stepped up to the heavyweight division and while that match heralded of the arrival of the new and improved Holy Emperor he couldn’t walk out with the victory. Earlier this year Taichi came after Naito again, using his snub from the Wrestle Kingdom card to drive him towards an IWGP Intercontinental title shot. On the New Beginning tour Taichi threw every dirty trick he had at Naito including a vicious pre-match ambush that required Naito being taken out for medical attention, putting the entire match in jeopardy. Naito returned however and went on to beat Taichi once again. With this match taking place in Taichi’s home precinct expect the heat to be electric and with both men still needing to get their first points on the board there’s a hell of a lot at stake. Verdict: SLEEPER HIT

In other news, Will Ospreay has been pulled from today’s show due to suffering a neck injury. While NJPW have specified that this is not a skeletal or nerve issue he still needs to fully assessed and the status of his G1 remains uncertain.

Oof hope Ospreay is ok, he’d be a big miss if he has to pull out.

I’ve almost caught up bar Ibushi’s match yesterday, I assume it worth watching?

If it’s not bones or nerves I’m guessing it’s a muscular thing which doesn’t sound as bad. Hopefully it’s them just them being extra careful.

Ibushi/EVIL was a cracker, the Night 3 card was sensational overall

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Night 4 was a bit underwhelming overall but the last 2 matches delivered. The long build they’ve done to Taichi’s iron glove paid off huge and I’m very here for Chaos all getting their revenge on Switchblade. The Suzuki-gun preview tag is also very worth watching.

Black v Cesaro well worth a watch

It might have been cuz I was half asleep but I found it a little underwhelming?

Compared to g1 yeah but they were hitting hard for wwe and blacks kicks are ace

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Extreme Rulez was pretty good tbf

The only poor match was the womens title