🥪 The Official Tinned Toastie Thread 🥪

That’s right! :tada:

Had a craving a few nights ago for a spaghetti hoops toastie, which then immediately led to me imagining how good a heinz spag bolognese toastie would be.

I’m going to make some tinned things in toasties and encourage you all to join me on this whirlwind adventure by making your own or simply saying ‘oooo that looks good!’

Wish I had a Breville for those sealed edges but I’ll work with what I have. Off to the shops for the first tinned thing. Stay tuned.

Please no food snobbery in here, it’s THE OFFICIAL TINNED TOASTIE THREAD!


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Just imagine I’m serving it in a food hall and charging £12 and it comes with a side of mad banter for the lads


I do use leftover Bol sauce in toasties, that is great.

Have also been known to make super-noodle toasties, with varying success


Oh man, meant to buy a tin of something in Sainsbo for toastie purposes but forgot.

Will get something tomorrow.

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Where you lead, i follow :church:

I wish you the best of luck with your endeavours but, for me, anything with that much liquid should be ‘on toast’ rather than ‘in toast’


When I read tinned toasties I thought it was going to be an evolution of this technical sandwich system, and I’m relieved it’s not


I reckon these + cheese in a toastie would be delicious


I am not foolish enough to be pouring liquid into a toastie young aggers, I’ll be spooning the spaghetti from the sauce

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What are you doing with the sauce? I like an instant noodle sandwich which feels like a broad equivalent

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Unsure. Think excessive sauce is really only a problem with Hoops iirc. If i was selling thwm I’d offer the extra sauce in a little tub for all those influencers and wrong uns like Jamie Oliver who like to dunk their food into sauce pots until they spill over.

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And the name of the place is a pun

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i would definitely use the excess sauce for dipping.

will you be adding cheese to the toastie, or is it pure hoops?


macaroni cheese will be the best one imo

Gonna spend all afternoon trying to think of a good pun related to Tins and toasties instead of all the fucking work I need to do.

Lol autocorrect changed it to Tina and Rosaries


Canned Eat


(Heat might be better actually given internal toastie temperature)

spag bol for me

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will there be pics? I don’t have a brevil/equivalent so will be living vicariously

No spag bol in all of M16. For shame.

Really wanted to start with that one but maybe better i build up to it.

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