The Ongoing Genius that is Bill Murray



is he still gatecrashing teenagers parties?


Indie kids’ favourite wife beater. (Allegedly).


allegedly is all i need


My brother got me this for Christmas…

I mean, I enjoy some films that feature Bill Murray. But this is a bit much.


So ungrateful.


Also, the Groundhog Day musical is really fun - the songs aren’t all that memorable, but the staging is superb.


It was so hard to know how to react… “Oh wow, a whole book about Bill Murray… I guess I do like some of his films… cheers.”


That’s how I can imagine Bill Murray himself reacting, so… well done!


Nah that’s miles davis


I’ve mentioned Quick Change on here before, a pretty much forgotten Bill Murray comedy that he also co-directed.
It’s a great quirky, misanthropic road trip/hate letter in pre Giuliani New York. According to wiki some people call it one of his best performances.

It’s kind of hard to track down nowadays but it is on Amazon Prime to buy.


I had a similar thing with but with chicken wings


Someone got you a book about chicken wings?


It’s weird quick change does seem to be obscure, often find people haven’t seen it when Murray comes up, I can’t remember ever having not seen it, used to be on tv a lot.

Favourite scene is when they stumble across some jousting thing ‘it’s bad luck to even see something like that’




Yeah I remember recording it off tv in the 90’s sometime.

That jousting scene is great, just really surreal.


I think it was because the songs were relatively weak, the show as a whole left me a bit cold; there’s a fantastic musical and/or play in that production, but it’s not there yet.



He’s an absolute twat and his films are all mediocre at best


TKC in wrong opinion shocker!!*
*Bil Murray is ok/not great