The only good celebrity is/was

Just looked. Said she didn’t label herself a feminist and downplayed MeToo. Not a great look I guess.

Love Cher - will never forget her on a chat show (Graham Norton possibly) where she was talking about plastic surgery and said “if I want to get a pair of tits on my back that’s nobody’s business but my own” <3 <3 <3




Idris Elba

Also Luol Deng.

I don’t understand?

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Yeah I didn’t get that right did I. The joke I was aiming for was that Cher was referring to hypothetically having a pair of breasts surgically attached to her back, the wording of which could also be used by a sleazy gentleman caught by a police officer, in flagrante with an obliging lady of the night indulging in niche sexual roleplay.

Needs some work.

Its Naga Munchetty you morons.

Kathy Burke, cheers


Disqualified as she has resigned from being a celebrity.

Mark Hamill

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well, quite :wink:

gf got us tix to see cher coz shes a huge fan but she refused to tell me how much they cost

I got them last week, so it was through Ticketmaster’s resale site (think the gigs sold out straightaway) and two of the worst seats in the O2 on a Monday night were £130 each including fees.


Instead of playing the hits he used the opportunity to plug his latest single. Which unsurprisingly, was a truly terrible song.

Yeah no one watched it so it’s a free pass


It was one of the ballsiest acts of self promotion is music history tbf

Juan Carlos Valeron

I actually thought it was the opening not the closing ceremony but the fact remains he also played Freedom '90 which is definitely his best big song so in my view overall it was allowed.

(Also, playing that dull new track was a much needed moment where the whole country felt the same way about something.)

Sarah Greene

Sarah and Phillip reunited after 24 years is a bit of a joy, really