The Open Championship thread

yeah that would be a pretty cool idea

Anything else would still be the crappest Major as well to be fair

Jimmy Walker won it last year - who?!

What do we make of the US PGA on the Beeb next month?

Steve Ryder being dusted off as we speak

And Steve Rider

as much as i’m not a big fan of it as a major i’m pretty happy we’ll get some live golf

Any major on the BBC is fine by me. Still fucked off they lost the rights to the Open. I had the house to myself all weekend and couldn’t watch a minute of it. Esp. yesterday.

The PGA Championship makes sense as a major but it would be better if it was a worldwide affair. Like have the lads play the finest courses in Japan, South Africa etc.

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Yeah it’ll be good. At the end of the day it’s the world’s best golfers just tearing up a beautiful course. Doesn’t have the notable things about other majors mind: The Masters - Augusta, nuff said; The Open - links; The US Open - insanely, insanely tough.

He’s a fucking robot!
Who wants to watch a robot?!

Starting to hate Spieth more and more. Such an anti-climax. He didn’t even lift the cup up! Or kiss it! What even is that?

A robot wouldn’t have bogeyed the 15th yesterday. That was insane.

Depends how much you enjoy watching someone’s mastery with a putter or not. More into someone nailing high pressure putts from 10ft repeatedly than watching your more distance-based lads myself.

I think he’s a fucking excellent golfer but he’s not exciting to watchin in the way rory is when he’s got his swagger on.

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Not his biggest fan but that bogey from the range yesterday was just brilliant. You can just imagine (insert European player of choice) making 8 and blowing it

Can come across as a bit of a brat on the course, seems really likeable off it

I’ve never fully warmed to McIlroy. Really can’t put my finger on it but there’s something about him I don’t like.

Fabulous golfer of course but his inconsistency means it’s a bit frustrating to follow him. Wouldn’t have minded watching his round yesterday though - absolutely smashed it.

Dumping Caroline Wozniacki after the wedding invites had gone out :frowning:

Plus his acting in those Santander ads…

yeah, not cool

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Well whilst one never knows what goes on within relationships etc. if you ask me - if you’re having doubts at whatever stage, the best thing to do is just call it off. What troubles me is the fact that he (apparently) did it via text message or something. Just texted her saying “Yeah I don’t want this”. That’s the kicker.

His fat arse irks me.

And also, yeah, as the tennis world has shown there are numerous legitimate and inventive ways to humiliate balloonhead Caroline, but dumping her at the altar isn’t one of them.

That yellow top yesterday
daaayyuumm :heart_eyes:

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I love him but fucking hell the man was desperate to be married to ANYONE