The past, absence, sadness and white dog poo

Remember the old Magnum cone? Think it might have been around only for a single summer in the late 90s/early 2000s but what a fucking summer it was!


Please share anything that you feel would be relevant in this thread.

Magnums were invented by Sir Roger Moore


They’ve stopped making Kellogg’s Start :cry:

Jamie Oliver sugar crusade victim?

Old Blue Last etc

Not thatcher?

I think it was too niche a product to enjoy the mainstream success that a brand like Kelloggs demands

No, she invented hating the North.


When I was younger it was considered quite an exciting cereal. I seem to remember Steve Cram involvement.

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The only Cram I remember about it was cramming it into my gob and I can no longer do that

YOU’RE a roger thatcher

Tasted a little like dry cat food

One imagines

my two nearest supermarkets have stopped stocking cholula. its absence from my life has brought me great sadness

I think I like the chilli and garlic one the best but only have chipotle in at the moment.

yeah in the interests of accuracy I should say that they’ve stopped stocking them all APART from chipotle aka the worst one. had to move onto some meat lust thing (its ok, nowhere near as good as cholula though)

Do I remember the old magnum from nearly 20 years ago that was only a round for a summer? No, no I don’t, (replace the werthers with the magnum in the picture below)

god those ice creams were good

remember solero shots?

they always started good and then ended in a bit sludgy mess that you couldn’t get out the lid


Hate magnums, decimated the stick based ice cream market. What I would give for a mint crisp

Oh god me too

Waitrose stock it if that’s any good to you - luckily there is one near an office I work in on the regs

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have they started making Kellogg’s Stop?

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