The past, absence, sadness and white dog poo

ooh thanks, ocado don’t for some reason so didn’t think to check. fingers crossed the little one in town stock it

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I mean what the fuck are sainsburys playing at though?

This is funny

tezzers too! would genuinely consider moving house if I found a branch that stocked it

Slightly niche post for the older folk. I did enjoy a can or Quatro in the 80’s.

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Yeah that was good shit

Is Lilt still a thing? (Even if it is it will be full of sweeteners and therefore disgusting I guess)

The Mississippi Mud Pie Muller corner. I cant be alone here surely…

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Had a can of lilt last week. Is still a lovely drop.

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Forever in our hearts


The rhubarb crumble is my dearly departed muller corner.

isn’t this just a picnic bar

The Cadbury’s Spira could and should have been the socialist utopian future of confectionery

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These are still sold pretty widely

Is this with particular reference to double dipped? If not then those mothers are still about.

just like my knowledge of confectionary


alas we have to hold onto these things whilst we have them

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Looks like Woolworths took the strawberry and cola flavour down with them

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You old people love nostalgia don’t you?

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You would too if you had lived in a time when people were decent, respectful and we knew the value of things.

And things were made to last! None of this modern bullshit!

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