The pasta water should be as salty as the sea

I don’t know the salt proportions of the sea.


As salty as the water off the New Jersey shore, that’s my pasta water metric

The salinity of the sea isn’t the same everywhere . In warmer, tropical areas, more evaporation occurs, so the water is saltier. Towards the north and south poles, the seawater is diluted by melting ice, so the water is not so salty . This is natural.


Don’t always agree with this. My sauce will probably be salty most of the time as well. I like my pasta water moderately salted

Arctic style


Bit of a fool’s errant, salting water. It just evaporates.

Salt your pasta after cooking it and you can use less whilst tasting the salt more.

Next time I get in the sea I’m going to say: Mmmm this is just as salty as a good pan of pasta water!


The Dead Sea: 33.7%. Other seas: less.


The water evaporates, the salt does not

Also salty water has a lower boiling point (wait dunno if that’s right)

Who says this

  • I make my pasta water as salty as an old pirate
  • I use a little bit of salt
  • It varies
  • I don’t really salt my pasta water

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Six teaspoons of salt per litre of water seems quite a lot.

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Also you salt the pasta water with the cheap stuff, salt your meal with the maldon. So net salt spend is lower


Imagine if you saw someone salting their pasta water with the maldon. Would be in awe of the decadence I think

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I do it because I don’t buy multiple salts

Making carbonara - lots of salt
Making Bolognese - medium amount of salt


  • One salt
  • Two salts
  • Three or more salts

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Thanks for this. Are these your two main pasta meals you make? Anything else?

Doesn’t everyone do this?