The people from Feeder's Just A Day video, 15 years on

Turns out a friend of a friend is one of them.



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Instant rush of nostalgia thinking about this. That intro melody is one of the two dozen songs that are forever on repeat in my brain whether I like it or not. Only just now realised the video was ahead of its time, in a sense.

I was hoping that they would show them now.

I have seen that video a lot.


That was on MTV2 so much at the time. Getting big nostalgia flashback now. Good song too.

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Just you saying that has reminded me of this (which used to be on a fair bit). What a fucking tune:

Lass who sits next to me at work was in the Terrorvision video for Tequila

Cracking track.


I hardly listen to any music like this anymore but that song always makes me happy when I hear it.


went to college with this geezer:

his band were terrible (sorry if you’re reading this)

All the folks from that Connells video twenty two years later, sorta sad

Hey, late to the party here I know but out of interest which cast member from the video was the person you know?

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