The people from Feeder's Just A Day video, 15 years on


Turns out a friend of a friend is one of them.



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Instant rush of nostalgia thinking about this. That intro melody is one of the two dozen songs that are forever on repeat in my brain whether I like it or not. Only just now realised the video was ahead of its time, in a sense.


I was hoping that they would show them now.

I have seen that video a lot.


That was on MTV2 so much at the time. Getting big nostalgia flashback now. Good song too.


Just you saying that has reminded me of this (which used to be on a fair bit). What a fucking tune:


Lass who sits next to me at work was in the Terrorvision video for Tequila


Cracking track.


I hardly listen to any music like this anymore but that song always makes me happy when I hear it.


went to college with this geezer:

his band were terrible (sorry if you’re reading this)


All the folks from that Connells video twenty two years later, sorta sad