The people writing the Bible were really crap at making up names weren't they?

After all these things happened, a message was sent to Abraham. It said, “Your brother Nahor and his wife Milcah have children now.

21 The first son is Uz. The second son is Buz. The third son is Kemuel, the father of Aram.

22 Then there are Kesed, Hazo, Pildash, Jidlaph, and Bethuel.”

23 Bethuel was the father of Rebekah. Milcah was the mother of these eight sons, and Nahor was the father. Nahor was Abraham’s brother.

24 Also Nahor had four other sons from his slave woman Reumah. The sons were Tebah, Gaham, Tahash, and Maacah.

Tell me about it! What kind of a fucking name is “John” :joy:


Uz, Buz, Barney McGruz, Jidlaph, Tebah, Grub.


Pildash sounds like an olympic athlete



Relevant Herring


not sure what’s wrong with these names sorry :frowning:

they sound kinda beautifully unpretentious to me in a way

You’re too nice a person, Bammers.

This is a vile, cynical thread for those less pure than yourself.

wouldn’t say that by any means, sorry didn’t want to spoil anyone’s fun.

Catch you in another thread saps :slight_smile:

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I always find it weird how so many biblical names are still used today. Like, not amended or altered through the ages, but straight up same as the bible. Obviously the Pildash’s of this world have died out, but your daniels and noahs and rebekahs are still going!

Yeah, they’ve had a good run.

I think we should bring Uz and Jidlaph back.

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Booz of Rachab

I can only assume Nahor and Reumah named their sons whilst both getting a dental check-up.

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Nergalsharezar the Rab-Mag

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Might use some of these for a Black Metal alias.

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I actually think the names in the Bible are more likely to make me believe it wasn’t just made up. I mean, there were two Judases in the twelve disciples. If I was making that up then I’d not give myself the unnecessary trouble of writing “Judas - no not that Judas - the other one”.

Also Nebuchadnezzar is a badass name if ever there was one.


“The other Judas” must have had a right shit life. He probably took a leaf out of some of the other disciples’ book and changed to “Judas who was called Martin”.


Think you’ll find that’s entirely historical fact and two of every fucker got in a big boat and presumably genetic difference evolved by itself last year or something

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Three Judases - Judas Iscariot, Judas Thaddeus and Judas Thomas.

No wonder one just went by the name Thomas.

I highly doubt that!