The perception census 👁

Got sent this at work and I’m really enjoying taking part so far! It’s a study about how people perceive the world differently. I just love this stuff.

It ties into @GentleGiant’s question about believing in reality, a bit. I think there is no one objectively true reality that exists outside of the entity perceiving it. Instead I feel like there’s trillions, with everyone and everything’s own perception overlapping and contrasting all the time.


Slightly concerned that it asks for your email address without any information at all about how data will be used/stored?


This looks interesting, I going to bookmark this to go through it after work.

I’ve removed the ‘login’ and there’s still no information on the main page even though it appears to be British based. Is that even legal? Sorry, not meaning to derail, it looks really interesting just want to know what I’m signing up for.

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" We take your privacy seriously. We are collecting your email address to provide a link to your data, so that you can visit the Perception Census on repeated occasions, and so that we can contact you in the future. All information collected about you, including demographic information and your responses in the Perception Census will be kept strictly confidential and securely stored by the University of Sussex and handled in accordance with data protection legislation. Your data will remain linked to your email address for a period of 5 years, after which point it will be fully anonymised and retained indefinitely by the University of Sussex. In addition, once the Perception Census is completed (December 2022) your data - in fully anonymised form - will be shared with our collaborators at the University of Glasgow and may be uploaded onto the Open Science Framework website (

You are in control of the personal information you share with us. If you have any questions, change your mind about taking part in the Perception Census, or would like to have your data removed please contact:

By participating in the Perception Census, you are agreeing that we will process your data as outlined above."

(weird they don’t post this before you sign up though)


Any way to trick it into working on mobile? Not planning to be at a desktop for a while.

too hot to even do this properly

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Ah, ace, thanks. Yes, very strange that they haven’t made it really accessible. Will take a look this evening, thanks for sharing @anon75298087 :+1:

Give it a fake one


great site

Change your browser to ‘desktop site/version’


Sorry yeah, that wasn’t clear was it - I think the reason they give you a login is so you can come back and do bits of the study at a time, as it will take a few hours in one go. Rather than saying “this person with this email address answered X”, but how are you supposed to know that :smiley:

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Was having a really hard time on the pitch test, then realised someone was drilling outside :smiley:

Obviously this is now my work day for the afternoon

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Going to do this when I get back from the school run, very hyped!

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Bah, this is tricky from an ND perspective when you only have how long each section will take but now how long it is overall (finding some of them quite anxiety-inducing too - that video with no time indicator on the bottom made me freak out a bit!) Still want to finish it though :slight_smile:


Yeah I’ve found the sound ones quite hard

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Done all of the sections so far

quite satisfying to see that my time perseptions and sound & music perceptions are pretty much on the money

found some of the questions in the body & belief section a bit ambiguous though. Not sure how much was intentional v how much was the bias of the researchers v how much was my own interpretation of language

Wtf! Wild.

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Introductory one is pretty fun isn’t it? I guess I’ll do the rest later.

I don’t really have a favourite colour so I just picked one but I guess if they cared they’d have had an ‘I just picked a colour’ box.

I did worse on the shape sizing thing than I expected as I knew the trick so I thought I’d compensated enough.