The Perfect Office Chair

I complained at work about my office chair and now they’ve said that they will buy me one for home as we’ll be working from home for the next month at least.

So what are the things that are important in an office chair? I’ve never thought about it before, they’re just there in offices.

Gotta go up and down, that’s a given.
What’s important with the back there?
Any arm tips?
Would be nice to be able to hang my cardigans on the back of it without my shoulders creasing the neck of them. That’s not essential though.

Let’s talk about chairs, baby.

I’ve really fucked it.

Ordered office “stools” instead. My back hurts more than when I was working from the sofa…

What the fuck is an office stool?

If / when my new one ever arrives, I’ll let you know.

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Lumbar support

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Load of shite

Penis pump for the back.

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Oh Tone, what were you thinking?


that’s one for @epimer


Well, there was input from my partner also about “it will help our postures” which sounded pretty good

Would that not make more sense for the front? Or would you sit on it like this?

lol why in the actual fuck would you use that

looks horrific


It’s day two, I’m currently in denial and thinking about “it’s just a case of adapting to it”

ja you look cool doing it that way too.

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Would it do so in theory though? I don’t even know, my posture is atrocious. That stool looks like it would hurt a lot.

Does it follow your bum up and down when you sit/stand?

Just get this one, it’s insanely comfortable.

I don’t own one but I’m hovering over the order button every day.

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If someone punched me in the face repeatedly, I would not think “it’s just a case of adapting to it”.


Get a load of this prick, he looks like he’s having a lovely posture

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My back seized up yesterday during the Joe Wicks PE lesson, and I can only put that down to two weeks of desk work without a decent office chair. The things we take for granted eh?

If anyone finds the perfect one, let me know, I think I need to invest.

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