The Perfect Office Chair

Woah, does it come in “cheaper”?

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I probably would

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Put it on expenses.

He looks like he’s quickly checking something which will take five minutes before going off to film a music video.

He does NOT look like he’s working there* for 8 hours a day.

*browsing DiS

It doesn’t follow your bum up and down (unless you press the lever) but it follows your bum round and round

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Not sure sean will allow that

Also his desk is “high”

What I’m currently working with is desk that is “low” and stool that is “high” and laptop that is “flat”

sit / stand desk though

i’d like a proper sit / stand desk

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I’d like a lay/kneel desk

EDIT: Scratch that, I wouldn’t like that at all, stupid comment

:fire: :evergreen_tree: :fire: :evergreen_tree:


Everything about this scenario sounds like a series of bad ideas

That’s why they call me the “Bad Idea Bastard”

That would be nice. A voice activated one where I say “Desk desk, up up” in a high pitched voice and it goes up to standing height immediately.

Ikea need to work on their customer service


What’s so good about it anyway? Curvey back shape? Is that good? Doesn’t look like it has many levers

21 people currently looking.

@epimer after that sweet influencer $$$


*hup hup

thought you were in the netherlands m9

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bureau is a good word for desk, sounds fancier

Just had to check that link didn’t have some sort of referral tracker on it. Sly Epimer.

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I’ve got one of these. It’s great, heavy and solid and comfy.

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