📷 The Photography Thread


Here’s just the ones I brought on holiday. At home there’s also a Canon 5D mk iii, a Canon EOS 5, two Canon EOS 300 (they went for only about a tenner on eBay a few years ago), a Canon A1 Sureshot underwater camera, an Olympus Trip, an Olympus Pen (the only film half frame one), two Olympus XA2 (one black, one red), a Superhedz Blackbird Fly and nicest of all a Bronica SQ-A.


would love a play with one of those Horizon cameras


They’re nicer in theory than in practice. You get light leaks, fingers in shot, and they’re a right pain to get a fall horizon (so why am I wasting slide film in it. :sob:)


Haha just incase one shot turns out epic!

I just love how noisy and clunky they are.


Fall horizon? Maybe I meant to type flat horizon?

But yeah, when you get a good shot, it’s worth it. I haven’t got it out in Melbourne, but I’m pretty sure once we hit the road I’ll start shooting more with it.


Have the best time dude



Just scanning a new set of pics I got developed today

Won some crappy zoom olympus camera on ebay for 99p so was expecting the worst…not massively enjoyed using it but perhaps my fave film pic so far has come from it.


I remember back in the early 90s when I got my very first camera of my own I was so desperate for a zoom. Now I pretty much exclusively shoot with primes.


yeh me too…the zoom lens is just pretty slow so not great at this time of year

don’t think I actually zoomed it once though



Porto, last Thursday


Giving me Josef Koudelka vibes


A few good ones off my next roll


I miss Manchester.


I wanna be as good as you one day


Ahh that’s very kind. Just keep taking pictures

(and happy birthday!)


thanks mate


Still another four rolls to scan, but here’s a photo of a baby kangaroo:

As I said on Flickr, it’s not perfectly focussed, but how many photos of baby kangaroos have you taken? :slight_smile:


And here’s a koala: