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Just got a load of film developed.

Took film only to a small festival for first time ever, the stage lighting was not good but plenty of nice ones from the day itself.



I don’t take my flash to most gigs, because shooting flash onto a stage is a real no-no, but the previous time I saw the band who I went to see last night the singer had gone out into the audience, so I packed my Canon 270EX. The guitarist of the support band went off stage too, and I got this, which is one of my favourite gig shots I’ve taken right now (I also packed my Sigma 24mm 1.8 too, which doesn’t normally come out with me either)


I normally really hate flash but this has captured the moment perfectly

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@stickboy made me do it




how nice is the film winder!

So, from the first roll of film, the metering isn’t working (but I’m guessing that could be remedied with a new battery), and the focussing is consistently just behind where I thought it was. It doesn’t look like this is a massive deal, and I’m glad I didn’t take anything too precious with the first roll of film I ran through it.

Oh no. Mine is spot on in all respects.

Did it come with a battery already in? All looking clean in there?

Maybe there is a screw to adjust rangefinder?

Read this whole thread before clicking any links in it. Seems the best way is written in one of the posts.

ta - I had a little google last night and saw it could be done, so I’m not heartbroken that I’ve bought a broken camera. I’ll have a try opening it up tonight once there isn’t a four year old bombing around the house leaving a trail of destruction.

I’ve just opened up that battery door and there’s no battery in there, so that explains that!

Ha! Amateur!

I’ve been lucky with all my rangefinders. They all seem to focus pretty good. Deffo not user error as i know they can be dim? Is it nice and bright?

Bright enough for a 1970s camera - I didn’t have any trouble focussing (not that the focus was actually right).

A replacement battery has cost me a whole £1.69. Good old eBay!

OK - looking back at the scans I did last night, they’re out of focus, but they’re giving me the same feel of photo as my old Olympus Pen EE-S (which died on me a few years ago). Here’s a shot from that old camera that I love the feel of: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rob_orchard/7385139054/in/album-72157627022655855/

Anyway, I think it’s the combination of expired Kodak Colorplus 200 and whatever lenses Olympus were making back then is going to give me what I want. It came with a little flash too, so it could more use than some of my other little compacts (although that said my XA2 has a flash and I don’t use that much).

Here’s one of the shots which is both terribly out of focus, but also fantastically retro (of the Pen EE I bought to replace the broken one)

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Got another roll of film developed.


Nice. You’ve got some good grain going on - what film are you using?

Got the first test film from the bronica developed and just scanned at home.

Portra 160 expired in 2009 (first shot gave me a great leak!!)

Not sure if these images would be better on new film (that will be my next roll) but pretty pleased with these for a first go.

Not much variation in content ha but was just a test shoot.


Awesome work!

I think they may be a little dark but I metered at box which was perhaps a mistake with film so old…still…pretty pleased with the results.

Expired film won’t have as much latitude as fresh stuff, and Portra isn’t quite as flexible as cheaper film, weirdly enough. But they look great.

as of this morning I’m really into the super functional pictures from geograph.co.uk