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Im using my super takumar 55mm with adaptors on a canon m50, i love this setup so much, its the most affordable for the kind of images i want to take. I like the random light flares and stuff you get with this lens too. Here are some unedited video stills


I’m tempted to get a cheap second hand Mirrorless to use with my old Canon FD lenses, but don’t know where to start. How did you come to choose the Canon M50?

Photography gear question! I am really keen to get a DSLR to take some better pictures with, but I can’t afford anything of really any three-figure price. Where’s the best place to pick up bargains, and what should I be looking for? I have an old Canon film SLR which I love but frankly can’t be bothered with the hassle of, but that has at least got a lens which I could take to another body. Thanks in advance!

Looking at eBay, you can pick up a Canon 500D for less than a hundred pounds. But that’s ten year old technology.

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Hmm, thanks. I mean, I’m not averse to old stuff at all, but I see your point.

I knew i wanted a mirrorless camera to use my old lenses with, as i needed something light, something that connects to my phone/wifi and is still powerful but affordable and the canon m50 fit all of this, i got an ef to m adaptor that is offbrand for about 30. The camera has an electronic viewfinder too which a lot of these kinds of cameras dont have. the screen flips out and it has a mount for my microphone and alltogether it’s great, so chuffed with it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I just found 3 mjuii cameras when looking through my teenage camera box. Which means teenage me bought 6 of them in total back when you could find them in charity shops for a fiver. I think that was the most forward thinking I’ve ever been.


It’s the mark ii that’s desirable. The mark i is fine, but the glass isn’t as good.

BUT - for me, the thing with this, and the similar Contax T2, and for that matter, my Canon EOS 5, is that the pictures are too good, and unless you’re cross processing or using interesting film, you might as well be shooting digital.

Here’s the shot that made me hang up my Canon EOS 5 for a few years:

I agree with your points - I want to shoot film to think more about what I’m doing, to have some analogue kit where I can understand how it works mechanically, where there’s a bit of history.

But actually, when I take a photo of Jimbo, I’d rather know I’ve got the shot above all that stuff.

And it’s all relative too - if you want a compact camera, I bought my XA2 for £2.20. If you’ve got £200 to spend, I got my Bronica for £205, so my comments were more a reaction to the fact a Mju ii goes for about £200 these days.

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I think I’m done with my Olympus 35RC. It’s eaten up the sprockets of yet another film at 23 shots, and I’m not happy about how I had to adjust the focus calibration myself (not manually focussing, although I would prefer a better prism in the viewfinder to focus with)

I like the idea of manual controls - my favourite film camera to use is my Canon AE-1, and it would be nicer to have that much control in a smaller package. The closest alternative I own is probably my Olympus Trip, but that doesn’t have a focussing prism, just range focussing (and it doesn’t have manual controls). I’ve got an XA2 as well, and the focussing is even more basic.

I guess what I want is a rangefinder. I don’t want to spend hundreds and hundreds (see my last few posts above), so as lovely as a Leica, or a Contax or the like might be, they won’t make me a better photographer.

Anyone got any recommendations?

Shot my first gig in nearly a month last night:


No - I still like my Trip and my Pen, and I have been looking at SPs on eBay.

The dream is one of these:

A static image is never going to do the murmuration justice, but that won’t ever stop me from trying, especially when there was a killer sunset like tonight’s


Canada is nice.


Are you going to tell us about your Rollei that you’re shooting with these days @stickboy?

It wouldn’t harm to shoot a roll without the hood. I can’t remember the last time I used a lens hood (or where all my lens hoods are)

I’ve been looking at 90s compact cameras and trying to see if I can get a bargain. I’m not going to pay hundreds, as I mentioned above, but it seems that there are still some bargains to be had if you know where to look. Boots used to sell own-brand cameras which were actually re-branded Konica and Ricoh cameras (from what I can tell), but there doesn’t seem to be any interest in Boots cameras and there’s one I’m watching at the moment which I might be able to pick up for only £3 when the Konica equivalent would go for more like £100.

That said, I do have an Olympus LT-1, but I’m on my second one of them, and they get scuffed really easily.

And I’m pretty sure I must have the old camera I owned in the late 90s, which must be some variant of a Canon Sureshot, knocking about somewhere.

Oh, and there’s my underwater Canon Sureshot A1, but that’s like carrying round a Fisher Price toy camera.

I’ll stop buying new old cameras when you do

Anyway, look at this crazy thing

New toy:

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