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think i’m ready to buy a “starter camera”. realised i really like taking photos but i’ve pushed my trusty little samsung as far as i can. what’s good for a camera novice?

What do you want to do? How far do want to take your photography?

Also, the biggie - how much do you want to spend?

If I was starting out now as a novice, I’d probably go for a small mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. Go to Jessops or Currys and have a play with ones by Fuji or Olympus or Sony and see which you like best (you can probably get Canon and Nikon ones, but they seem to be a bit behind the curve in terms of mirrorless)

I know someone who uses one of those Sony mirrorless ones (a7 maybe? probs super expensive though) and everything looks cool and the live view on it makes me want one.

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actually went to currys pc world after work last night and tried to have a look at cameras, ended up setting off 3 alarms :sweat_smile: went to check out the toasters instead

so i would be looking to buy in autumn when money is a bit better, i could maybe go to 300, possibly higher if the mrs still wants to club in. am aware most are pretty expensive tho.

quite like this, some photography site says it’s a good beginner’s camera?

I’ll be honest - £300 isn’t going to get you much camera new, so maybe work out what you might like and then go second hand instead

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Hmm - maybe you get more for your money than I realised. That doesn’t look like a bad starter camera at all :slight_smile:

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i figure if i’m careful with my picture choices and tastefully apply the right processing i could just about get away with it maybe, at least if it’s not meant to be i still have a camera for my jollies

Was it @stickboy I was talking to about half frame cameras? I just got a roll back from my Olympus Pen (which I thought I hadn’t used since April 2017). Anyway, I quite liking almost the same photo twice to make diptychs like this. It’s almost inevitable that one day I’ll cave in and by myself a little Canon Demi too:



half frame was pretty much my first entry into taking photos because I was all about not spending money.

probably the coolest camera I have.


That is a very cool camera. I reckon my coolest is also a Russian thing - my Zenit Horizon 202. I’ve got a film in being developed today, so watch this space for some pics from that (actually, I think there are some if you go back to January in this thread from my trip to Oz)

was indeed - love this!

that camera is ICONIC

If you’re thinking Fuji, then it might be worth considering a refurb- their website has an X-A20 for £200 at the moment:

Or you could pick up an X-A5 for £300 with the same kit lens:

The A5’s autofocus system will be a fair bit better than the A20’s and you also get a bump in resolution, if you’re likely to be cropping images or if you want large prints. Neither of these things are necessarily that important, but worth considering.

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thank you! pretty torn now, they both look really good. i was checking out sample photos from both and comparing, the A5 does seem like slightly more of a beast than the A-20, but i’ve read good things about the A-20 too…i might flip a coin.

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think the x-a5 is where it’s at.

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I’m sure either option will be good for the price. Are you going to need anything else to get started? If so that might help you choose- you’ll need a memory card if you don’t have one already, and it’s worth having at least one spare battery for any mirrorless camera. You might also want to pick up a blower to deal with dust if you don’t have one.

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added to my shopping list. cheers!

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Does anyone like podcasts?

Russell Tovey from all the tv/films, and stuff interviews Jamie Hawkesworth from being the best fashion photographer in the world, and stuff in this episode of Talk Art

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Got the last roll of film back from my Australia trip today (which has taken me over six months to finish)