📷 The Photography Thread


I haven’t got a proper camera and I don’t know what I’m doing and I have a habit of adding way too many filters so make everything look fake as fuck. I did like this one I took at Drayton Manor on Sunday though.

I like adding filters when family just want a nice shot of their kid or whatever. Fuck it.


Hi folks. Here are some reason faves. A mix of some on my holidays and some street photography around Manchester.


There’s a lot going on in that penultimate one :smiley:

Lovely stuff.


Sorry if this is intrusive but I think this is what I may do if these were mine


Very nice picture and composition - personally I would have straightened it a little more but whatever suits


Nice pics @stickboy!


Not at all, I like. Cropping on the top one makes sense.



Lovely - the bag (or whatever) was a distraction.


Haha thanks. Taken on my iPhone X

Call it “dog chilling outside the Guggenheim Bilbao”


The second best selling photography book on amazon is currently free. Gets flawless ratings:





Is it wrong to think the woman gets in the way of that shot?


Here’s one I enjoyed, man I need to edit my damn photos, I just take them and forget I even have them. This was a fun day at the zoo (midweek, kids at school, glorious).


I like the idea of it - its a sense of place but was the girl there on purpose? also i can’t help but be drawn to the boring fridge at the front


Took it over a year ago, can’t remember anything about composing it. I wasn’t nearly as focused on composition then so I probably just took it on a whim. Maybe cropping it so it starts with the chairs would help? Don’t have a version without the girl sadly.


yeh or at least lose half the fridge so its not so THERE!


That does work better. (although it does remove most of the in-focus objects of the photo, so it’s proabably a write-off)


Yeh just needed to step to the right a bit and get more bike

here is a super quick bodge edit - not quite right though


It’s going to take me a while to learn how to use the healing tool.