📷 The Photography Thread

Also - have you seen the cocktail stick hack?

Keep meaning to pick some up to try it

The guy brought over a laptop and showed me a website that they’d matched against but I can’t remember where it was. I usually get my film from http://www.charleseaglesandson.com/film%20page%202.htm in Sunderland and they offer me a student discount but I was near a Jessops and stopped in. Jessops didn’t price match against my student discount price and I don’t really know if they price match online prices?. I don’t really understand price matching. I’ve never found anywhere cheaper than 7day shop.

The V. Good Barbara Crane died

So good

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New medium format shoot from last weekend:


Picked up a crappy Olympus Twin point and shoot… actually quite like it!

35mm Fuji 200.


My new 600mm lens is insane.


Very cool

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Apart from the separation, it’s the circular bokeh that I love.

Camera shake on a 600mm lens is an issue - I’ll need to bear that in mind next time I take it out.

A couple of shots from the other weekend.


I got an Amazon voucher for my birthday, so spent that on film in the end.

I’ve got some great medium format shots to share, but the band who they’re of have been keeping me waiting for weeks for their feedback. I’d be annoyed if they weren’t actually lovely people.

Oh, and I bought myself a 2x extender too, to give me some long options (although it’ll only fit on my 135 and 200mm primes). I’d forgotten about that, and that explains why I just checked my bank balance and I was broke :confused:

I bought an extender a while ago it’s so good. I really like having one. it does some silly uncocking thing to the lens it’s attached to, so I always have to ask the people I’m taking photos of for a penny so I can wind up the lens when I’m changing between extender and no extender.

I think people like when it happens though cause it’s ridiculous?

It took me a while to get used to how little room for error that it gives in focussing and I remember being so worried that the depth of field would be so shallow that I’d only end up with half a focussed face but it was ok in the end. I’m printing some photos now

Seems like a good way of having a long lens without paying the massive prices (or lugging round the massive weight). I haven’t had the chance to take it out and use it properly yet, but hopefully it’ll mean I get a bit more use out of my 200mm prime (which has been pretty much retired since I got the 135 f2).

What kind of extender have you got though? I don’t see issues like this with the Canon one I bought?

It’s for a hassleblad 500 so I already have shallow focus anxieties :grimacing::grimacing:

Did you see Robert Frank died?

And Fred Herzog!

Same day.

Another one using the mirror lens. I didn’t get my composition right, so it’s a crop rather than the full image, which explains why the bottom left looks a bit darker (because of the natural vignetting of the lens)



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Gonna link this in here. Looks like I might not be on a surf photography course in a few weeks after all

Is nobody else taking photos? Is @stickboy back from his hols yet? I’ve seen quite a few on Insta - I’d like to see his favourites here.

Anyway, I took a gig photo last night I particularly like, given that little bit extra with the violin player’s look in the background.


i’m halfway to my saving goal for my camera so i should have some pics next month :crossed_fingers: