📷 The Photography Thread


Its easy when there is plenty of the same background

I could do this perfectly but would take a while as really there is a motorbike behind the girl.


Here is one I took the other day at a friend’s gig.


Anyone on the Flickrs?




Ah, it seems to have just linked through to the first pic.


Here’s an interesting one I forgot about


That’s lovely. How wide was the lens?
Did you have to do much editing out of interest? Looks quite ‘unreal’, in a very good way.


hey - im on micro four thirds and was 7mm lens so 14mm on full frame (if that makes sense)

Just a slight crop and black and white conversion and thats it


Too busy getting a good pic to tell her that a cars reversing into her. Poor form


A few new edits, still just using old phone photos to get editing practice, so it’s not always easy to keep the detail. Always happy to have any feedback!



Went for a swim in the sea last week:


Like the animal pic (but not mad into wildlife photos unless they are spectacular

Can take or leave the tree shot

The others I think are incredible

Good work


wow, thanks! I really like them, shame they were all taken on a phone and I don’t have much to work with in Lightroom.

Got my nifty fifty lens now so looking forward to giving that a whirl in the coming weeks.


took the big camera out again last week:


I’ve these to get developed plus a few more rolls in the car. Gonna try to get it sorted and scanned tomorrow and might try some proper chemical printing if there’s anything I like.


Nice - is that portra too?


Pretty proud this. Just taken on my iPhone SE, from Saturday night in Edinburgh. Just before 8pm. We went to look at bats (it was very cool)

Edit: that’s a bat, just above the tree line bottom right :bat:


Mostly portra 400. my fave.


The whole project that my shot I posted is on Portra 160 (so that I can get as much depth of field as I can).

What are you shooting with?


I loved my Mamiya RB67 for the 6x7 frame but it got stolen a few years ago and I’ll never get over it. I’m using a hasselblad 500cm most of the time which my aunt gave me. I’ve never really been into square format but I’ve started to like not having to think about putting something in portrait or landscape and just taking the pictures, also after using the RB67 the hasselblad feels so light and tiny which is pretty nice. It must be about 1/4 of the weight. My other medium format is a Fuji 6x9 which I got cause Mark Steinmetz uses it and it’s a pretty cheap entry into medium format if you get then original version. I never really got on with it and I benefit a lot by having mirrors instead of a rangefinder so I hardly ever use it.

400asa was a bad choice this summer. I always buy it to be safe but then we had sun everyday.