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second non photography camera question.

does the exposure triangle work in the same way when shooting video? I assumed with video the shutter is always open but apparently not and it is supposed to be double the frame rate, but then how does the triangle work if one part is fixed?

Yep still applies, as it always does. If your shutter speed is fixed and you need to expose more then choose a higher ISO or a smaller aperture, and vice versa

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Not done any video for a million years so don’t know if still true, but I remember ISOs that are multiples of 160 were supposed to be less noisy. Not sure if it was ever particularly significant but it’s something that I remember :hugs:

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3rd non photography camera question.

the display screen does not seem to always reflect the chosen setting. in manual mode and video manual mode it works fine, when I change the aperture it changes the depth of field as expected. In Av mode changing the aperture makes no difference to the preview, though the photos do reflect the settings.

pretty irksome, genuinely think it must be defective or something

think this camera is similar to yours, can you enable depth of field preview?
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ah thanks, so this is how it is supposed to work then. can’t seem to find a depth of field preview option. weird I would have thought the aperture priority mode is when you would most want to see how it will actually look, and it is capable of doing it in manual mode

so it has ‘exposure simulation’ enabled in the menu, so it probably should be doing it

edit: that is just brightness I think

Have you got magic lantern? It has some cool features for video

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i’ll look into it, probably too advanced for me

ok so it seems like you have to assign a custom function so the video film button will work as a depth of field preview when in still mode. seems needlessly complicated

Yeh just checked the manual. Seems unusual that you can’t just switch that mode on.

Does assigning it do what you expect then?

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I think so, less shallow depth of field previews seem darker than the final image. by default is the equivalent to the lowest f stop. seems a weird system.

i’m not convinced the manual mode actually does it like I thought before, think I was mistaking the brightness changing. think video manual mode works as I thought it should

It appears to be working like a film SLR would work.

If I press the depth of field preview on a lens the image I see it what I will get for depth. The further the lens is stopped down the darker it looks. This is because it doesn’t take the shutter speed into account (which will make the final image brighter)

Never had a digital camera that has done this though. Maybe worth joing a specific forum or Facebook group and asking the question.

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Looks like you might need exposure simulation on then maybe when you press the depth preview it will hopefully show depth plus correct light

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I think i’ve got that enabled already, i’ll try the facebook group suggestion, thanks

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I’ve been listening to these recently

Juno Calypso’s is the best so far

But also enjoyed Abbie Trayler-Smith, Mark Steinmetz and Chris Steele-Perkins. Wasn’t fussed about some others that I’ve listened to so won’t bother typing them out :))

My old underwater camera died, so I’ve been looking out for a replacement. This one hasn’t had the strap put on it, so must be barely used. I can’t say I have plans for much sea swimming right now, but maybe I should take it out for the Christmas Day swim

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This one is good too

bought a focal reducer/speed booster for the camera I still haven’t start to use

Only a camera phone shot. But great to be back at my favourite place in the world after a few months…