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Any of you 35mm photographers know where I can get my hands on the cheaper film stocks? It seems that stuff like Fuji c200, Kodak colorplus etc are nowhere to be found at the minute, apart from on eBay for ridiculous prices.

I think the days of cheap film are over.

Looking on ebay it seems that Kodak Proimage 100 isn’t that pricy:

I shot a roll about a year ago and I was really happy with it. Feels more like 200 or 400 speed film weather right now though. The other option is looking out for expired film, but results can be mixed with that

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A €2 macro lens and an iPhone is fun


FINALLY finished the roll of film that was in my Olympus Pen Half Frame last weekend.

There’s something satisfyingly lo-fi about shooting with it. No control over exposure, aperture, or even focus. Apart from winding on, the only dial on the camera is to control ISO. This is three views of the South Downs taken looking down different side roads off Elm Grove in Brighton


i’ve been using mine but still have about 40 frames left. taking ages

have enjoyed using a camera with a light meter though instead of guessing or using an app

Got a DLSR for Christmas and have also just started a cookery course remotely, which means I’m trying to improve my food photography. My setup is much like a rogue police officer: it’s unconventional, but gets results:

Still got a way to go I think (not happy with the glare on the glass here) but it’s really fun getting the hang of how to use light - obviously I’d prefer daylight but I have kids and work to deal with then, so trying to get good shots at nighttime is a problem I need to solve.


If I were you I’d buy a flash second hand and get some cheap diffusers. All modern flashes will use TTL (which is basically the flash equivalent of auto exposure) so you can control that in camera. Moving the light source away from the subject will help balance the highlights, and you can diffuse the light more by bouncing it off a wall or ceiling rather than aiming it directly.

I give you a month before you’re back here talking about barn doors and snoots.

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Interesting, thanks! Must admit I thought flashes were a bit of a no-no and only for situations when you can’t improve the light by other means, but from reading up on TTL it looks like you can get really good results. Hadn’t thought about bouncing the light either so cheers for that, not possible with my inbuilt flash (which is pretty gross) but looks like external flashes are pretty cheap, though perhaps not as cheap as a £12 working light and a diffuser made out of cardboard and greaseproof paper.

Never heard of barn doors and snoots but researching them has reminded me that my daughter’s art box has loads of different coloured crepe papers I could use for diffusing…

looks like your highlights might be blown out a bit

meter for the highlights (so they arent blown out) and then lift the shadows in post

Ah, yeah, just checked my metering and it’s center weighted which is probably the issue. That’s a setting I rarely think about but I see the use now, cheers!

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There should be a setting in one of the menus to display highlights on the back screen - when blow out they will show as red - if you then adjust your settings so they are just not blown you will have more control in post.

It could be that the whole image then looks dark but its a lot easier to rescue darks than it is to try and recover blown highlights

looks like fun!!

I see, cheers - learning how to take photos with post production in mind is something else I’m still getting to grips with. As well as actually learning how to use GIMP!

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gels will work better than crepe paper - you need to be careful though, because your camera may try and autocorrect the colours

So, having animal eye focus helps a little bit with taking photos of a black cat, but it’s still an absolute bugger to get the metering right. I’m getting better though


not watched yet but this is probably enjoyable

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quite taken by these seagulls in the snow and how weird and fake they look

wide version


it was enjoyable. he’s put a few vids up now and they’re interesting

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are there any gear buffs on here? My girlfriend is having problems with her new “Godox X1” flash thingy and I don’t know anything about it