📷 The Photography Thread

Went up the Pentland Hills yesterday. Pretty place, pretty buckin’ freezing.


was messing around with long exposures in front of my house the other day

fun thing to do in winter when it’s always dark. first time i’d left the house with my camera for a few weeks
also got a tripod for xmas and have ordered a shutter remote thing

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Been going out taking moody evening pictures near where I live

Having a great old time.
Can anyone recommend me a decent lightroom tutorial though? Got no idea which sliders etc are most important or what some of them even do, basically just completely winging it


Very nice. I think YouTube is your friend for learning lightroom. Just look up some beginner tutorials and do it along with it.



Hardly ever get out with my camera these days. Glad I did today though


Beautiful Rob

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Anyone else follow Hodachrome on Insta?

This is incredible:

Particularly pleased with this. Shot on 35mm


Stunning stuff.

I dropped off two films today, a roll of 2007 expired Jessie’s film shot in my Olympus Pen Ee half frame, and a roll of Neopan 1600, which must also be well out of date that I shot at a socially distanced portrait shoot this week. First film I’m getting developed in about a month, so I’m looking forward to the results

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Oh yeh always exciting when time has passed and your memory is vague of what is on there.

I’m gonna shoot and some half frame at some point.

Photography has been very slow in lockdown

On the beach near me this morning. One of probably 3 or 4 decent photos I’ve ever managed to take on my phone…


The great thing about having a camera with a flip out screen is that you can take photos like this easily


My adapter FINALLY arrived!

I’m shooting everything at f.14 from now on


From a not very good phone camera, but I like this one

Edit, sorry @rob.orch didn’t mean to reply to you directly



Any of you 35mm photographers know where I can get my hands on the cheaper film stocks? It seems that stuff like Fuji c200, Kodak colorplus etc are nowhere to be found at the minute, apart from on eBay for ridiculous prices.

I think the days of cheap film are over.

Looking on ebay it seems that Kodak Proimage 100 isn’t that pricy:

I shot a roll about a year ago and I was really happy with it. Feels more like 200 or 400 speed film weather right now though. The other option is looking out for expired film, but results can be mixed with that

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A €2 macro lens and an iPhone is fun


FINALLY finished the roll of film that was in my Olympus Pen Half Frame last weekend.

There’s something satisfyingly lo-fi about shooting with it. No control over exposure, aperture, or even focus. Apart from winding on, the only dial on the camera is to control ISO. This is three views of the South Downs taken looking down different side roads off Elm Grove in Brighton