📷 The Photography Thread

I don’t know Godox flashes, mine are Canon, but what’s the issue? Hot shoe connections? Too little / too much power? Not syncing?

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I don’t think it’s compatable with her camera in the end. She’s going to swap it out for the one that supposedly is and then we’ll see.

Don’t know loads about godox stuff but be surprised if it’s not compatible with a modem camera (assuming thats what you’re using it with)

Not all cameras have wireless communication with flashes (most don’t, tbh). Does it work in the hot shoe?

My olympus em1 requires me to put the crappy little supplied flash on the hot shoe to act as a trigger

There’s two models, this one says Sony compatable, the other says Nikon compatable so she’ll get that one instead

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Quite pleased with this moody shot of some Za’atar bread I took yesterday.

I think I need to get a decent stand, particularly for overhead shots, does anyone have any recommendations?


You should be with any tripod that’s got a head that can be rotated, although depending on how heavy your camera / lens is you might need to make sure the legs are well spread and anchored

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A cheesy cherry blossom photo from yesterday:


depends what you want to spend but im happy with this one

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i wanna go out and take pictures again but i dunno what of and don’t feel like doing aimless stuff at the moment

anyone got any tips or prompts for when you’re in that kind of mood?

Depends on where you live but I like trying to hunt down/focus on certain specific objects to photograph. For example I may head out with the intention of taking a photo of every unusual car/vehicle that I see, or maybe spaces where nature intertwines with the city.

I find it useful to have something to frame my day of taking photos.

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Could you start a 52 week project to force your hand until inspiration returns?

Brought a camera recently and really enjoying just taking it out for walks right now. Feels like I’ve got so much to learn but I’m looking forward to the challenge (and being able to go places again with it)


These are fantastic.

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Yeah, it’s an amazing spot at sunset. :+1:

People seem to really be making the most of it in lockdown

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Might try doing this to distract me from mostly just stalking birds in the park. At least, I just enjoyed talking photos of fruit instead of working. Nice light in the kitchen this morning.

Also got a new camera a couple of months ago and trying to get a better understanding of everything overall.


lovely this - all the colours work together nicely

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