📷 The Photography Thread

Got a new camera. Here’s a photo dump:


What camera did you get?

Nikon L35AF

Came out well… Tiny light leak on photo 2…was it just on that one? If it’s on a few I’d perhaps replace seals (unless you like the look of course)

Thank you! The light leak was due to my being a fool and not rewinding the film properly before opening the back. Resulted in a beauty of a portrait of my partner (which I probably won’t share on here) and this mad monstrosity



Oh wow…you were lucky to not completely destroy them!

I think you have iso/ASA control on that camera? Maybe give the film a little more light than box…film seems to like that a lot. Especially in shots like shot 3 where you are losing some details in the shadows…it mostly looks after the highlights it’s self (apologies if you already know this )

It does yeah. I think photo three is taken on the Nikon, but there’s a small chance it was on my Canon Sureshot. Not certain.

That’s good advice thank you. Trying to get more into film photography so any advice is much appreciated.

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Grab yourself an Olympus om1/2/4 such fun beautiful cameras for pretty little money.

Can be used in full manual or auto …only manual focus though but a real delight.

I am a fan of point and shoots though

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Got an om30 from a carboot sale just before covid! Need to get to grips with it a bit more but like the roll or two I’ve shot so far.

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Oh you’ll love it. And that is autofocus right?

A nice 50mm 1.8 and you’re off

Big fan of the 35mm 2.8 too which is quite cheap

Have fun!

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It is :slight_smile:

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It’s just come up in my memories that I took this photo of The Radio Department ten years ago today. Gig lights used to be so much nicer to shoot - the newer LED lights might be a bit brighter, but you don’t get lens flare like this, and you get flickering if you shoot with a high shutter speed


I’ve got one of those 8 lens Lomography cameras and the film winding mechanism was terrible, so I ended up with loads of really weird photos like this:


In some respects that’s quite cool, if that’s a look you’re going for, but you’d be gutted if you were looking forward to some pics and they came out like that when you weren’t expecting them to.

I’ve got a plastic camera that’s got a dodgy winding mechanism. I guess you get what you pay for :confused:

Thankfully I was just experimenting - the film I took these on was some Kodak Gold that I spotted on a dusty shelf in a local newsagent, the guy running it had completely forgotten about it and it was about 3 years past its expiry, so I bought 3 rolls for a quid.


Parting gifts from my dead (not-so) waterproof camera:


I went somewhere nice at the right time of day and remembered to bring my camera!


Last shot is great. Good work.

Only on my phone, but a dredger (I think that’s what it was doing) came by me when I was out for a swim so I grabbed my phone from the beach and headed back in. The sea almost blends into the sky it was so nice out


Here’s a shot I took from the sea earlier

I’m going to take my camera out again tomorrow too I reckon