📷 The Photography Thread

Wow, that’s very encouraging to hear. Thanks man!

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gonna start messing around with film photography again i think now that i kinda know how to use a camera

any tips?
what’s a good cheap film camera to buy? probably just a 35mm SLR

What do you want - cheap or good?

There’s some that are cheap that won’t have the functionality (may just shoot on AV or TV mode and have no manual mode), so might not have light meters built in, others might just be badly built.

Another consideration is lenses - Manual lenses are a lot cheaper than automatic lenses, but they’re also more in demand than they used to be because it’s easier to use them with mirrorless cameras than DSLRs. I’ve got a 28mm, a 50mm and a 100-300.

I’ve got a Canon AE-1, and I love it. Prices look reasonable - you can pick a body up quite cheaply.

Oh, and I’ve also got an Canon EOS5, which takes all my EF lenses too, if you wanted that kind of option. It feels like cheating using it though, because it does everything for you. It takes such good photos though - in the end I stopped using it because the photos were too good and indistinguishable from digital photos. I like my film photos to be a bit rough around the edges


The one I use the most is a Chinon CA4, which isn’t very expensive (you’ll quickly spend more on film and processing :upside_down_face:)

The main thing you want to be sure is that it works fully and doesn’t leak light, it might be worth paying a bit extra to get one from a reliable looking seller or shop.

Where’s the fun in that? Find one that’s been mis-spelled on ebay so doesn’t have any bids. Wait until the last ten seconds to place your bid. Feel the rush! :wink:

Seriously though, my local camera shop (clocktower cameras) has markups almost 100% on eBay buy it now prices. You get peace of mind, but you’ll need deep pockets.

For a first camera, I mean! I think it’d be pretty disheartening to get a blank roll on the first go. After that, go wild with shonky eBay listings and markets/charity shops.

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I did add a safety wink!

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sticking with a brand you already have if it’s got a cross over lens system is a good way to save money. for ages i used a digital camera with an old film lens cause it’d be like, thousand of pounds cheaper than the new digital lens equivalent.

first film camera i used was an olympus om10. they’re not (or weren’t) too expensive but it needs a little click on adaptor to make it fully manual. Anything with a built in light meter is handy and any that uses batteries that still exist!!!

got really disheartened when my meter seemed to not be giving me correct readings about a year ago and stopped taking pictures in the middle of a roll. feeling a bit of an itch to get back into it again though - I guess I could use a separate manual lightmeter? they probably have apps for this now right?

I’ve got an app called Light Meter, which is OK to use with 35mm film (which has a lot of latitude so you can be a bit out with your exposure) - you can set ISO and then either shutter speed or aperture, and it’ll give you what the other should be.

It would be nice if you could set all three and it would give you and idea of exposure, but you can’t have everything.

My Bronica medium format camera doesn’t have a light meter, but what I sometimes do if I’m shooting with that is take my digital compact along and do some test shots on there to work out what my settings should be.

I also have one of these, which I planned to put on top of one of my 35mm rangefinders (but then that particular camera broke, so the light meter is just sitting in a drawer now)

cheers, might give the app a go. Just annoying as I just have no confidence now that what it’s telling me is correct, so potentially might lose a whole roll with wrong exposures. Not a big deal I guess really - just need to get snapping.

IIRC, it’s a free app, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

And if all else fails, there’s the Sunny 16 Rule

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Can’t go wrong with the Canon AE-1 or A1 :+1: built like a tank and with enough manual control to teach the hard way about ISOs, speeds, apertures, lenses, but without having to infuriate loved ones by constantly taking light readings with a phone.

Expensive hobby though since Poundland ran out of their Agfa stock.

I bought up a whole tray when they were selling Kodak Colorplus 200 for a pound a roll. I think I’ve still got a few knocking about unused which must be a few years out of date by now.

And it feels like an expensive hobby (especially with the price rises in film in the last few years), but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than being into craft beer! Only an idiot would be into both…