📷 The Photography Thread


I was looking at Hasselblads when I found my Bronica, and couldn’t resist it when it was barely two hundred quid. I love the square format - it’s a whole different way of shooting / composing to any of my other cameras.


I was sorting out my bookshelves the other and pulled out a load of favourites to look at. Tony Ray Jones’ diary has a nice page.


I’ve not used the Bronica but it’s a huge beast isn’t it. really good value for money.


One of my alltime faves I got out is Tish Murtha’s Youth Unemployment which was a kickstarter funded book from this year and one of the best photobooks to come out in forever and the exhibition at the photographer’s gallery is still on and probably really good.

I got Daffyd Jones’ The Last Hurrah last week, it’s a little newspaper with some mad pictures of Tory’s doing their thing.


He talked about that photo here:


It’s ridiculous value for money. I clicked through to an article on Petapixel last night about Fuji bringing out the cheapest medium format digital camera, and it still cost twenty times what I paid for my Bronica (although admittedly I have to pay for film and developing).


Some great advice in there. GET IN CLOSER ROB!

(or buy a longer lens)


Just got myself an Olympus OM-2

as a total noob any hints, tips, best practices etc would be much appreciated.


so you have just straight into film photography?

I mean ideally as a total noob you maybe should have gone digital as developing is fairly pricey especially if you’re not going to get many great shots at first

Do you have access to a digital SLR that you could have a go on just to understand the fundamentals and see how they work together?

Failing that youtube is your friend


Do you know about ISO, shutter speed and aperture?

The Om-2 has an aperture priority mode which is pretty handy to use over a manual mode which can probably be kind of daunting.

I’d search around to see what sort of lenses are generally ‘good’ for what sort of images.
This sort of thing I guess.


I’ve played around with a DSLR so I know a few bits about aperture, shutter speed etc
I dont mind spending money on film and prints and learning and improving as I go along the way :slight_smile:


ahhh yeh cool - good work then

Can I ask what you paid the camera I keep eyeing up old olympus 35mm cameras?

But yeh as @shyguy2013 says above that model has aperture priority mode which means you choose the aperture you want (a low number 1.7 etc for blurry background and a high number 20 or whatever for everything in focus) and the camera should auto select the shutter speed.

That model is almost designed to be used this way but of course you can go fully manual if you’re not getting the results you want

have fun!!


Does the OM2 have a built in light meter? If not, get yourself a light meter app. In fact, given that the OM2 is an old camera, get yourself the app anyway, since your phone will be more trustworthy than the old camera. Over time you’ll learn when to overexpose or underexpose (although as a starter, where you’re taking photos with lots of sky or an expanse of snow, you’ll want to overexpose from what the metering tells you).

Some lenses will be cheap, some will be considerably more expensive. Did it come with a 50mm lens? That’s pretty standard. If I were you, your next lens should either be a long lens (you might be able to pick up a 100-300mm lens fairly easily. Canon FD lenses in that range are cheap so I imagine the Olympus equivalent probably is too), or maybe a 28/35mm lens, which will give you a view more like your field of vision than the 50mm.

Film is cheaper if you buy in bulk, but at this stage you probably don’t know what films you’ll like, so it might be worth buying up half a dozen rolls of whatever you can find cheap on ebay. Have you got anywhere nearby you can take film to get processed, or will you be posting it off to get developed?

Good luck!


Yeah I went for this camera as its (relatively) cheap and still holds my hand a bit should I want it to (I do)
I got the camera and a lens for £80

The lens is a “S Zuiko 35-70mm Auto-Zoom lens” :man_shrugging: so should be alright for basic stuff I think :slight_smile:


very helpful post thanks :slight_smile: downloading Lumu to my phone now!

Lens chat is interesting to me as Im not sure what I need/want just yet


If it came with a 35-70, then that’s a good starter. It probably only goes down to f4, but that’s fine if you’re shooting film - the cheap 50mm lens will go down to f1.8, but shooting at that sort of aperture gives such a shallow depth of field that it’s very easy to get an out of focus photo (although, who cares about film photos being super sharp?).

I’d stick with that for a bit, then once you’ve got focussing down fine then go for the 50mm, then something else, then find yourself falling down a hole of acquiring all sorts of random camera kit.


Poundland used to stock £1 film. I’ve looked in multiple cities and can never find any but you might be lucky.

Also film handles highlights better than digital (for my digital camera at least) I’ll tend to take a photo with the shadows in mind and generally worry less about brighter parts of an image. The highlights in a lot of cases won’t become horribly over exposed in the same way they might be with a digital camera. I’ve got my light meter pretty much permanently set to a slightly lower setting.


Yeah - When the Brighton Poundland was doing that I bought a whole slab of 20 rolls of Kodak Colorplus 200 (although it was only 24 shots not 36). I’ve still got most of that left in a cupboard somewhere.

What @shyguy2013 says is true - there’s a rule that says overexpose for film and underexpose for digital.

There’s other little tips too, like knowing that you’re unlikely to get camera shake if you’re shooting at 1/length of the lens. So if you’re shooting with a 50mm lens, shoot at 1/50 or faster. That’s not to say that you won’t still get motion blur in your subjects at those speeds though. I’m sure more will come to me later.


It’s here just in time for the weekend! :smiley:


Sweet - what film have you got to run through it first?