📷 The Photography Thread

Oh yeah!


I bought a little cable so I can use one of my flashes cause it’s dark all the time

Stephen Shore was interviewed on here recently. might be interesting to people. His new book looks interesting


David Fincher liked it

Shore’s work has been a personal inspiration from my earliest interaction with it. With Modern Instances , I am humbled to have his profound insight into the rigorous over-thinking that made it possible. This insight, delivered with such clarity, grace, and humility, will no doubt affect how you make or appreciate photographs – it might even alter how you see.’ David Fincher

This is really ace dude. Lovely to see the full set like that. Congrats


Took this random shot on the corner of my street last night

Kinda like it


Lovely that. Very movie-esque

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Just cancelled my flickr pro account. I’ve not uploaded anything to there in over ten years, and I don’t really use the social stuff at all, so there wasn’t much point paying for it anymore.

Even though I’ve still got my free account, it feels like the end of an era…

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I’ve cycled to gigs in cold wet weather and had my lenses covered in condensation when I got them out at the other end, and they’ve been fine. I think most lenses aren’t weather offically sealed, but can cope with a bit of a splash

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Me, my camera and the lens got soaked taking this photo. I was crouched down in the surf, thinking at that point the power of the waves had gone, when a massive breaker washed over me when I was looking inland. That was with my 35mm f2, which is one of my cheapest flimsiest lenses


I bought a new film photography accessory. Can anyone figure out what it’s for

Is it for getting 35mm onto a 120 spool?

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Yep. I don’t use my medium format nearly enough, so I thought I’d try this. Only a tenner - less than a roll of film these days - so not a great loss if it’s a disaster

I’ve got these…but never actually tried them yet

I’ve only been using black and white cause I can’t afford any colour at the moment. Definitely encourages me to take more pictures.

So, I accidentally redscaled my first roll of film using these. Initially I thought it was down to the expired film I used, and then I remembered that redscale is just normal film exposed from the other side. Hey ho - you live and learn. Maybe I’ll get the next film right

I’d also rather have had the photos as landscape rather than portrait, but I guess that’s a factor of how my bronica advances the film. I suppose I could put the camera on a tripod and rotate it 90 degrees, but what a ballache


Just looking at those Kodak price increases for March

Japan apparently so I don’t know if that’ll be the same in other places? I’m seeing a lot of people using low megapixel digital cameras (me too) so maybe that’ll ease off the demand for film?

Probably a great time to buy up lots of cheap digital point and shoots from the early 2000s and sell them on Depop for lots more.

what are the 2 numbers and are they american dollars?

usd / gbp for the new prices for the Japanese market but…

I haven’t bought film for a few years and I feel like I’m losing my mind… £18 seems to be the going rate for a roll of portra?! what has happened here? it was like max £6 a roll last time I checked…

seems like B&W isn’t as badly affected - HP5 still around £8/roll

The big film producers decided that the market was shrinking, so reduced their capacity to output. Except it wasn’t reducing at all, meaning that supply was massively restricted as a result. And when demand massively outstrips supply, they can get away with raising prices like this…