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jeez, I guess B&W it is…

unless anyone has any good leads on where to buy cheap film…?

I remember when they used to give you a free roll when you got one developed in Jessops. now that was living!

There’s still some that crops up on eBay. I bought a ten pack of expired Jessops film for fifty quid before Christmas.

I think I might just reassess my expectations of film pricing. If I go out for a night and buy three pints, I’d have nothing to show for it, but I could buy a film for the same money. OK, so film might have been loads cheaper years ago, but actually, with the amount I actually shoot, it’s not that unaffordable now

@wasted luckily ive not been shooting much and still have a fridge/freezer full but once that is gone its going to have to be for very special occasions

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I think that’s the thing - I only really shoot on special occasions these days. I shot less than ten rolls last year

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I mean it does take me an age to go through a roll as I seem I take pictures fairly infrequently and obviously I’m aware it’s not the cheapest or most practical way to take pictures, so am happy to pay a bit more for the enjoyment the process gives me. But hard not to wince at those prices.

think I’ll stick to B&W for the foreseeable and pray colour prices come down somehow.


just checked all my usual places i would buy from and they are either now very VERY highly priced or completely out of stock

maybe i should cash in with my stock

I’ve not bought a box of portra in a few years (since a box was about £38.99). I’ve bought the odd roll for about £14 but that plus developing is wayyy too expensive for me now. I’m using HP5 at £6 a roll.

Apparently they’re taking steps to keep up with demand? But unless the prices drop there won’t be any demand anymore ! !

A lot of more casual people will definitely switch to using old digital cameras, either getting them out of drawers or spending something like £30 on a camera instead of spending loads on inflated film prices.

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Having a camera that can shoot a 20 frames per second sounds fantastic, until you come home from a gig and find that you have over 1700 files on your memory card, most of which you’ll delete.

Looks like there’s no slower burst mode either - if you’re on electronic shutter it’s single shot or 20fps.

Still, at least I don’t have a Canon R6 mk II - that’s 40fps

Just upgraded to an R7 for more-or-less this - gamechanger for wildlife photography but yeah, the triage process is tedious AF. Just have to get really comfortable deleting stuff on instinct.

(and the burst rate on it is at least selectable between 15 and 30fps depending on physical or electronic shutter, and I think there’s an even slower mode - I assume it’d be the same on the R6 Mk2)

It looks like that from the menus, but experience and googling tells me that on electronic shutter it’s fixed at 20fps on the R6 Mk I. Last night was James Yorkston & Nina Persson - essentially a folk gig - so I needed to be quiet


Get a slower SD card and shoot in full RAW rather than CRAW to fill the buffer quicker? :slight_smile:

Does the R6 distinguish between low/high/high-plus drive modes? The R7 manual claims it’ll do 15fps on electronic and maybe also 3fps but it’s not clear and I don’t have mine to hand: Canon : Product Manual : EOS R7 : Selecting the Drive Mode (start.canon)

It’s got High and Super high speed modes, but that just impacts the mechanical shutter fps, not electronic. Looking on the internet I’m not the only frustrated one, especially since it’s something they could fix relatively easily with firmware!

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What do you guys think of these portraits?



More thoughts later maybe, but very quickly, it confirms my view that if you’re going to take someone’s portrait, take it for a reason rather than just shooting an anonymous portrait, because otherwise what’s the difference between these AI images


Gave this another go when the moon was coming up last night. Wish I’d looked into it sooner as it turns out that if you can keep the phone still it’s capable of impressive things. Pretty awesome what can come out of a tiny single lens on a middle-of-the-range phone that’s now a at least a few years old…


So many photos like this to edit

(good job I’ve got an instagram account especially for my surf photos, eh?)