📷 The Photography Thread


Some Kodak gold 200 colour :man_shrugging:
Edit: thinknits this stuff


We will see… :sweat_smile:
Quick look at the weather and I see it’s raining :confused:


looks a beaut that mate

mirror and stuff all clean behind the lens?

Does it look like the light meter is all working ok? (the needle in the viewfinder)


All looks in good nick from what I can see. The light meter is working fine. Only little thing is a tiny yellowish spot in the very corner of the view finder… at least I hope that’s all it is… as it doesn’t look to be much of a problem… guess I’ll see in the future :slight_smile:

But yeah, quick change of batteries and it looks good to go


excellent - these things are pretty old so it sounds like you found a good one



Quick question about film actually… is it ok in hand luggage at Airports n that? Heard that x-rays can knock the colour funny n shit :confused:


Yeah I’m pleased with how it looks, battery and motor compartment are still there, came with the flash and the shoe mount thing which can go missing apparently :slight_smile:


I’ve started and framing some of my pics. Gonna put them right along the wall leading to the bathroom


I’ve taken plenty of cameras through airports with no noticeable change to colours on films.

I think I saw a warning when I was going through San Francisco airport a few years back that it could affect film over 1600 ISO, but the only film you can get at that speed nowadays is b&w anyway so :man_shrugging:

And I’d ALWAYS take cameras through in hand luggage. Have you seen the way that baggage handlers throw bags around?


I did some printing today just a bunch of film I had. Nothing in particular. I’ve never done it before so there’s lots of trial and error. it’s fun spending the afternoon mostly in the dark.


When you say printing do you mean developing and enlarging?

If so… Is it difficult? It’s something I really want to get in to


I’ve only done enlarging (as of today). It was pretty easy to get the basics. Once i’d used the enlarger to expose the paper for the print it goes through a machine. Its probably a bit more difficult messing about with the chemicals (with colour at least, black and white is easier)

The basics of the enlarger are pretty simple though. I think it gets a bit more complicated when you start colour balancing. I did a little bit of that and some of them came out fine, but it’s something you could tinker with forever.


A machine you say?

I’ve started getting obsessed with film

Gonna develoo some black and white and use a film scanner to get it into computer

Have youbdine any colour developing?

Is that tricky?


Never developed anything myself. people start with black and white before colour cause it’s a lot easier. I think there’s more room for error and you don’t have to be as precise with things like temperatures.


I have a photo of that red garage door too (which I liked until I’ve seen yours, which is far better)


By no means a photographer but I enjoy it.

I’ve shot on film mostly, pretty much forever, never really had a digital camera, then anything else is just on my phone. (In fact that’s a lie, I do have a digital camera but I’ve used it a handful of times in the last 5 years and never liked any of the photos from it)

Anyway, none of this is ‘photography’ but this is the stuff I like taking photos of https://www.instagram.com/skylinermcr/


Got my first roll of film developed yesterday and scanned at home. Something so magical about film.


Some great shots there :smiley:

I sent my test roll off to be printed and developed so expecting that soon. All terrible photos I’m sure, but wanted to make sure it works ok


This was just with my little point and shoot - gonna have to take the SLR next time

I couldn’t wait so I went to jessops and did the 1 hour developing last night!

Post yours if you’re happy with them


Ooooh didn’t know jessops did a one hour developing thing… :+1:


if you want just negs its a fiver

if you want prints or scans its 3 or 4 quid more