📷 The Photography Thread


I like your red socks lady. Manchester looks quite good.


you’re all very talented. love stuff like this.


Here are some wildly varied and recent snaps of mine!

I think that all of them have had some Lightroom treatment, I have a habit of crushing the blacks which I’m trying to get out of! I usually send images straight from my camera to my phone and edit on the Lightroom app, which probably isn’t the best method, but it is the quickest and easiest for me - I usually tweak them in a matter of seconds on there.

First one was taken in Glasgow, then Newcastle, then the Desert in Dubai and the final three were taken in Sri Lanka.



These are amazing!


oo very nice


lovely the rock full of people is incredible.


Here’s some photos I took in Ethiopia last month.


Damn it! I have to shrink the file sizes. Ok, I’ll be back later :smiley:


A recent photo of the Milky Way from my front door:





Sigiriya photo is amazing


very vibrant, these are great


I can imagine this photo been used in one of those movies where the person is naked with a item that looks the shape of a penis in front of there penis - like the end of one of the Austin Powers


Framed some more up


this thread has inspired me to go round town after work tomorrow and see what i can snap. it will be night too so that should be interesting. i’ll be using my shitty samsung phone like but i can tinker with the effects i suppose. total beginner, just got a hankering to start taking photographs.


Unless you’re using flash then dark is not really friends with cameras.

Don’t let it stop you though just look for lit up things

Have fun!


well i got one decent pic of some rainbow coloured railings encircling an abandoned lot where a school used to be, with some streetlight falling on it. it’s kind of bland tho, thought it would look spookier than it does. the rest were kind of naff. tried using a fancy old sony camera but idk what i’m doing with it. just used my phone instead. gonna try again tonight, off to the uni campus which is very well lit.

i think i could do with taking some classes tbh, gonna look around :thinking:


feel free to post - might even be worth posting some that didnt turn out as you hoped if you are looking for any kind of advice from anyone?


i might well do, just at work atm. ha i love getting into a new hobby, i develop a touch of monomania