📷 The Photography Thread


I know exactly where that photo was taken in Palma De Mallorca. I remember seeing it and the hand opposite near my favourite restaurant ‘13%’, did u go?


didn’t go the restaurant no

its a great city for wandering though


absolutely - the beauty of digital is that no matter how many times its not costing you anything in developing…film…etc

keep at it.


A railway line in Bolivia.

A boat off the Whitsunday Islands. Australia


I go to Majorca and Palma regularly, probably once a year for the past 10 years so know it well. I really enjoy going but recently I feel the people are struggling a bit more, other than tourism there’s not so much opportunity


erk i need a real camera


holyyyy fuck



any joy with the prints?


they came back 50:50… some I knew wouldn’t turn out as I was testing if the flash worked but some early morning shots and low light (not dark but not ideal) came back blurry - I think from my handshaking whilst the picture was being taken. Some others - more landscapy and distance shots weren’t great either.

Of the 50% that came back ok they looked pretty good though (obviously need to work on my craft in choosing better shots etc)

Ill bung some up later in the week when Im working nights


Cool man - I have an olympus slr im yet to put a roll of film through - looking forward to it.

It’s a lot trickier without the instant feedback of digital isn’t it!

Do post some though -be interested to see the om-2


also if you were using the 200 speed film you were mentioning earlier that is gonna give some seriously slow shutter speeds in not such good lighting. (which will make blurry shots)

Maybe try some 400 or faster?


Or, push your film - Shoot with 200 speed film, but meter it for 400, or even 800, which will give you the faster shutter speeds. You might need to mention it when you’re getting the film developed, and you’ll get more grain and less accurate colour, but for me, they’re part of the reason I shoot film in the first place.


Heres a project I need to go back to, shot at 800 ISO using FujiPro 400 film (you might need to click through for the set because I think DiS only shows the first shot of a Flickr set


got a link to the set?


Ah - I put the link in, but DiS has put the picture in instead. Hang on…



and this is so true. Think Ill still be using my compact digital all the time just to make sure I have some useable pictures of my holiday and stuff :slight_smile:


Once you get a bit more practiced you’ll be fine - As mentioned above about shooting film at the wrong speed, that also means you get away with messing up your exposure and still having a usable photo - as long as your focussing is OK, and you’re in the right sort of ballpark you’ll be fine.

This is very handy too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunny_16_rule


this is something I should print out and take with me :+1:


Like this a lot - almost as creepy as my man on a tram project