The Pixies in 2019

Yup! Honestly, if I’d closed my eyes i wouldn’t have known the difference. I was as cynical as the next person going in, but it sounded great.

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That was pretty fucking great tbf

Delighted at these positive reviews! I get initially absolutely terrified when 80s/90s indie legends make comeback albums in 2019 because I fear it will be absolute 6 Music C-list dreck but even without Kim, they’re too clever and imaginative for that. Diving in on TIDAL this morning.

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Good to hear. I listened to the new album loads yesterday, and Los Surfers Muertos is a definite highlight.

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Ditto for me, first time since the Troxy. Have been wary with previous tours, thinking it may not live up to previous times but they were fantastic. Thought Paz’s bass was a bit quiet for the first half but it seemed to get better.

Caribou in particular sounded monstrous. Gouge Away, Gigantic, Vamos were great too. Would Pixies again.



Took me until the vocal started to realise they were playing Gouge Away. Could be more to do with where I was standing though. The Motorpoint isn’t the best.

Enjoying the new album. I listened to the whole podcast before hearing it , so it was quite a unique experience as I’d heard alot of these songs coming together through the sessions. Maybe made the album a little more instant as I was familiar with so much of it.

I really like Death Horizon as a closer , great song especially as Frank just wrote it on a piano when hung over in the studio one day.


It was great. Paz is doing a fine job


Ah I know. I’ve seen them with Paz and it was fine. The gif was in jest.

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To be honest with you I can see 3 or 4 of these songs comfortably sitting in a greatest hits record and thats about as much as you can ask for from the Pixies in 2019 I reckon. I like this album, it starts very strong, 2nd half gets a bit dull but there is enough here for me to consider the album a success :slight_smile:

‘Catfish Kate’ is pretty outstanding


On first listen there’s 5 or 6 really great songs on it… there’s definitey potential for that number to increase with each spin though. Yaaaas Pixies are back, baybaaaay!


A lot of this album has grown on me actually. I legit like it a lot. The hooks on this thing are stellar, as is the production

I never thought that on a week with Jenny Hval, Charli XCX and Metronomy the Pixies would become the one stuck on repeat.

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decent album yeah. still a good bit off their original career and there weren’t any individual tracks that jumped out at me really but sounded a bit more solid than the last couple. fair play.

Long Rider - you can tell they’ve been on the road with Weezer eh?

Yeah it does sound a lot like them, and also a lot like Tenement Song from the last album. It’s probably my least favourite track on this album, although I do like the bit in the middle when Paz sings.

Some days Dig for Fire is the best Pixies song.

Also, Bossanova sounds pretty great, or it would if I ever decided to listen to it …

Good effort this. Definitely the best of the comeback records. Sounds consistently like an actual working band rather than an act worriedly trying to second guess what the world wanted from new Pixies songs (they wanted the old songs, Kim back, and nothing else would ever do).

First three tracks are a Trompe Le Mondey blast, and the last two are a classy, spooky, Caribouey close. The Joey bits on silver Bullet are ace, The throwaway surf ones are better than I first feared, and the production sounds like a million bucks.

You can totally keep the Tom Waitsy one that sounds like The Stranglers, and the novelty one about having a drink, which recalls the ‘Song of the Shrimp’ worst bits of FB’s Nashville period, but, you know, on the whole this is good gothy pop rock fun. Looking forward to hearing some of it at Ally Pally. Would probably give it a high six / seven out of ten.

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