The Pixies in 2019

I only mentioned live shows, and Charles was notorious for limiting Kim’s input on albums so your point is void. :grinning:

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Yeah Kim’s great and it’s not the same without her but calling 3/4 of the band including the lead singer a cover band is quite silly.


Anyone got any ideas about how Kim Deal got that bass sound? Something to do with using a plectrum or what? I just starting to learn the bass and she’s my idol

You can have all the original members and quite easily turn into a covers band. Look at _________.

They were actually more like a covers band when I saw them with Kim, as they’d been playing the old songs for around 5 years by that point, and BF seemed really bored. Saw them on the Head Carrier tour and it was more enjoyable because they seemed much more into it, even though the new songs are obviously inferior (excepting imo, the title track of their last album).

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They drew that Doolittle anniversary tour out for a good 2 years didn’t they? (still kinda regret not going though)

Not sure, the gig I saw was in 2010, and it wasn’t part of that tour: Setlist

Looking at the setlist, it should have been amazing, but… I don’t know. The fact that it was an arena gig and we had to sit certainly didn’t help the excitement factor.

Always thought it was a shame they didn’t record new material around 2006-7. Svn Fngrs, for example, was much closer to the Pixies spirit than their 2 post-reunion albums have been.

Ah I think they toured it some more in 2011 but must have had a break from it in between.

I liked Svn Fngrs yeah, but can’t tell if it’s much better than Head Carrier or just feels easier to enjoy being a low stakes solo release

Yeah generally just played with a pick and no effects, decent bit of treble

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Thank you!

has anyone been to any of these shows, then? going tonight. hopefully they aren’t tight and we get vamos twice (no setlist spoilers please)

yes i understand the stupidity in not wanting setlist spoilers for a full album show but go away

No, but my boss went last night and had a great time.

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Really?! I saw them on the Doolittle tour in 1989 and they were incredible.
Although, tbf I saw them again when Bossanova came out and they weren’t as good.

(apologies for the ‘late’ reply)

I’m not sure I can forgive you.

(I can)

Maybe we were looking for different things in 89. I thought that their sound was great but their stage presence not so much. Looking back it didn’t really hold them back so I doubt they’ll be too upset by my review.

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I saw them a couple years ago and they were pretty great, was a really fun gig and they sounded good live. New bassist was fine, they were missing Kim’s vocals a bit though

Do NOT read the Guardian review.

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Paz literally just tried to be Kim though, it’s a bit weird but then I dunno what else she’s supposed to do

Hi I saw this earlier in the week and had a fucking great time, except the encore which was garbage and intentionally left anything out from Doolittle so, see ya next year lads!

*blurred for @Tuna

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Is this new from Rival Schools?