The plug in our bathroom sink

is controlled by a little lever on the back of the tap, which raises and lowers it. The problem is that it doesn’t raise it enough, so even at its highest setting the sink fills up when you’ve got the tap running. But it didn’t used to.

There must be a solution to this.

You can always move house


Think you can adjust it if you can access below the sink. There’s two bars connected by a… thing and you can loosen the thing with a screwdriver and move it up or down one of the bars so it levers more.

Or just cut your losses and move house.

Take the plug out and see if there’s a little screw at the bottom of the pillar which adjusts the height.

Couple of great responses there cheers

Smash up the sink with a hammer


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If it’s not this just move house.

I just realised this before I saw this post

Fucking hell this has greatly improved our lives


Run it directly into a bucket then pour into the bath.


Finally, a feel good story to close out 2020…


Who washes their hands these days anyway?

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Have you tried filling the entire sink up with rice, or washing your hands at the post office?


Same for me but it doesn’t lower enough so I have to push it with my finger, the bath too. The tap lever is clearly a very flawed system

Just lower your sink a bit

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