The Podcasts Thread



We’ve done these a few times of late and I’ve found some great new shows. In need of something for a long drive and wanted to add some new things or older bits I might have missed.

A couple of my favourites but open to more recommendations that are outside of my nerding out about technology and music.

Decode Recode with Kara Swisher
In recent times she’s interviewed everyone from the founders of Uber to members of US congress to Kim Kardashian (yet to listen to that yet) and it’s always really interesting to hear how companies started, what they’re trying to solve, all the hurdles (with a lot of extra prodding than seems polite in US journalism - they’re definitely not always puff pieces) and then a lot of pondering about the future.

Motive Unknown
This is about music marketing but it’s often about the entire ecosystem around music in the digital age (and gin!). It’s hosted by my friend Darren who does digital marketing for everyone from Run the Jewels to Trojan Records, alongside David Emery (we’ve re-run some of his interesting blog posts on DiS before ) who works at Kobalt on everyone from Nick Cave to Prince. It’s quite upbeat but thoughtful, and often grinds a topic down to make sense of the mess and frustrations as fans using these services as much as marketeers.

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p.p.s. there’s also a new Ed Harcourt podcast. In the first episode he chats to legendary artist Ralph Steadman



Oh. Whoops. Missed that. Soz.