The Point At Which People Stopped Caring About Veteran Bands Output



I really like it. Nurse/Murray street just marked the point where I started getting bored of them I think.


+NYC…is just a bit rubbish


Yeah, you’re not wrong there!


I’ve thought Manic Street Preachers at least five times, but just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in


Though I think their new one is when they finally go full AOR, R2 and lose any remaining edge


Eels after Blinking Lights.


Black Sabbath - Sabotage.


Haven’t they always been AOR?


Flaming lips - yoshimi


Oh wait embryonic was deece.


Megadeth - Youthanasia.


The Richey albums were mostly too heavy for that, but when they’ve been it in the past, they’ve done it well, in a unique, knowing way ie Motorcycle Emptiness.

Now they’re just making the most obvious AOR/MOR stadium rock to book their place in the Radio 2 retirement home. Still write some absolute tunes though, but “Hennessy, Williams, Gunter, Chester, Hal Robson-Canoooooe” rather than “Then pacifism killed us all, for all the tourists on the Berlin Wall”


I’ll say the same thing here that I did in that ‘fall from grace’ thread a few weeks back.
Sigur Rós - Takk (and I used to absolutely love that band)
Mogwai - Mr Beast (but really Happy Songs tbh)


Yeah, I reckon you’ve nailed it.


In case you completely wrote them off and haven’t heard it yet, they came roaring back with Kveikur. Definitely a best album of 2013 candidate.


yeah, I had that album too - even saw them in Iceland for Airwaves where they played Brennisteinn for the first time, but as excited as I was for that album, it really didn’t do much for me, sadly.


Not quite sure if these are veteran bands in quite the same sense, but they’ve basically been going forever:

Jimmy Eat World - Futures was one of those strange albums that was pretty great (aside from one or two absolutely dreadful missteps) and simultaneously indicated everything going forward wouldn’t measure up at all.

Alkaline Trio - Good Mourning was another one like that, though more of a mixed bag. It suddenly started feeling like a schtick.

Everclear - Songs from an American Movie has some moments but from what I’ve heard and gathered, everything after has no reason to exist.

Our Lady Peace - Spiritual Machines was a great album but then the record label took over for Gravity and that was that. “Somewhere Out There” and its even worse music video signaled the end of a secretly very good band.


Oh, forgot a painfully obvious one: Green Day after American Idiot.


No one in their right mind wants to hear any Depeche Mode post-Songs Of Faith And Devotion. I mean cue all the hardcore saying “Playing The Angel has some decent stuff on it” or “The new one is a return to form”, all balls that i’m afraid.

Home is obviously a classic but aside from that and a song here or there (Suffer Well is a banger) they fell of a cliff after SOFAD, arguably before.


Bonne Prince Billy and The Letting Go. There are a few good tracks on Lie Down in the Light and Beware but The Letting Go was the last strong album, everything since has felt lacking in effort.