The Politics Bar (POST election thread)

Yes, great idea. Can just ignore the third one then.

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i assume i’ll be ok to create the same polls in all three like i’ve done tonight yeah?

Dodged a bullet there.

I emphatically doubt that was the case!

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I mean, I was wondering who we could blame for the problems in this country once we kick all the Europeans out after Brexit. It seems that disabled people is an early contender.

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w o w


The article is behind a paywall, so I can’t read it, but presumably they’ve done their research and just asked any companies that have to deal with other northern-european vaguely social democratic governments?

properly depressing to think that there is a proportion of society that genuinely regards people like Sadiq, born and raised in South London, and myself (North London), as not proper Londoners or Brits :(((

i think so. and they came away nodding thoughtfully like, “huh. waddya know.” then wrote this article where they say basically, “guys, it turns out a corbyn government probably won’t lead to gulags and london being renamed benningrad.”

That actually went out on national tv… JFC



There’s a Middle East peace process?

apparently so.

(summary below, if you can’t read the article above)

Grim. The government here in Wales is abolishing Right to Buy (the bill passed the Assembly last week, iirc), but it’s too late really. And obviously in England there’s no chance of the current government getting rid of it, despite all their blather about addressing the housing crisis.

And it was ended in Scotland last year. Kinda after the event, but better late than never. On the one hand it seems like the policy itself isn’t the worst part, it’s the failure to replenish the lost stock that is the kicker.

This is excellent:


the boy spitting :fire:


hey marckee sometimes i worry what would happen if he actually got elected. it’s pretty obvious businesses would do their best to crash the economy and the like but i could imagine some pretty dark plots being hatched against our boy there.